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Need some advice and support please

Hi, I'm new! I've done WW and SW before and lost weight on both. With WW I lost 2 st in 8 months back in my 20s (I'm 47 now). I did SW most recently when I lost 1.5 st in 6 months (trouble is I put most of that back on and although I kept going to classes I wasn't motivated). I've re-started SW about 4 times and I just can't get going again.

I've also tried Dukan, GI, Orlistat, SlimFast in my time.

My problem right now is that I don't have time for meetings, I work full time at a desk so I don't exercise and I have a hubby and son who think eating salad is a form of torture, so I end up cooking 2 meals unless I can plan ahead. And I have a serious shortage of willpower. I believe SW can work if you really stick at it, but I find sticking to it hard work.

I'm guessing most of you can identify with me - so my question is - has anyone been in this situation and finally found something that works?

Your opinions would be gratefully received!!


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Hi Gwendolin,

I struggle with motivation too, it has gotten harder since I stopped living on my own and had others eating junk and other nice stuff around me :( I am hoping that by doing slimming world we can all have healthy meals, and those who like to eat more can just have larger portions. I will let you know how that theory pans out x

Good luck x


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Morning Gwendoline, I am a little older at 49 and definitely find the older you get the more stubborn the weight becomes. . It also seems to lodge in different places than it did when you are younger. I don't have much advice other than just keep trying. I found that diet alone is no good for me, I have to exercise too. But I now know were you are coming from about desk work, I started a desk job only this Monday and the day just becomes about when can you have your next break and then gulping down food while watching the clock. And even though I am sitting all day I am totally wiped out when I get home. Last night I only managed a 3km walk when I have been doing 8km. I am hoping next week is easier.
Read through others pages and diaries and see if it helps (you will need over 50 posts to read members diaries)
Hi Tipperary, thanks for your reply. I know I need to fit some kind of exercise into my daily routine. I love gardening but an obnoxious doctor once told me that "gardening isn't exercise" even though I usually fill a green bin when I get out there! Now that I've found this site hopefully the people on it will give me the push I need to keep trying. I might set some mini goals like you have.


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S: 84.2kg C: 81.4kg G: 68kg BMI: 35.7 Loss: 2.8kg(3.29%)
Mini goals can be good. Im now stuck and cant seem to get any further and have been trying to shift the same two kilos for eaht seems like forever.


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Gardening is exercise! Anything that means you move, burns energy. So in my book gardening burns calories, and so is exercise. More to the point, if you enjoy it, you will keep it up.
Well, that's what I thought. So I spent all weekend out in the garden! Am going to keep at it, even though I only lost a pound in a week on being really good. I just feel that I have to persevere on my own. Groups don't seem to give me the motivation I need. Plus I will save money by doing it alone!