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A little advice please...


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My mum needs to loose weight (her BMI must be well over 40 as mine was near 40 when i started and I wasn't as big) she wants to too and i think CD is what she needs to be able to re-educate herself about whats a healthy and 'normal' diet.

I've told her about it and asked her but she says she's scared about what will happen after the diet- think this is because she knows someone who put it all back on again. She said shes just cutting down but since being on this diet I've noticed peoples eating habits and she was picking after having a big family meal the other week-thats something I know I have to change about my own habits once through maintenence. She's also tried every diet under the sun and Im sure if she were honest has been unhappy with her weight the whole of her married life (25years) as I always remember her dieting.

I know this diet or any VLCD is not for everyone but I really think she could do it! and she's tried everything else. Maybe she needs to see that I can maintain first for her view to change?

Also in Sept she'll start to look after my little boy when I go back to work and she'll need all the energy she can get!!

Maybe I could suggest she tries it to loose X ammount of weight? maybe she'll be hooked and convinced then?

what to do?
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It is so nice that you are supportive of your Mum and concerned for her health and happiness. However I think that everyone has to come through their own decision making process. The best thing you can do is lead by example...as she sees you achieve great results and maintain she will probably get more interested and perhaps develop the belief this will work for her. But she has to come to it herself with no pressure, albeit well meaning and soming from the heart, from anyone else. You are doing so well, I am sure you will become an inspiration!!!Best wishes
Hi Angela its such a tricky thing to advice on someone else's weight loss even when its someone close because although your mum may want need to loose weight you cant do it for her and until she feels ready to make the first move picking up the phone to call the cdc or otherwise all you can do is support her and give her the information you have and the exeriences youve learned from doing the diet yourself. We all have bad habbits when it comes to food and i dont think they will ever completely dissapear its just a case of managing and controling them better when we come off the diet. I had a similar situation with my own mother she wasnt nearly as overweight as me but she had a few stone to loose I began cd and she saw the weight fall off i offered her a look through the booklets more to see what i was doing than to make her do it and she gained an interest that way and within a few weeks she had asked for my cdcs number and got on cd she is now at goal and maintaining well. It can be done and can be maintained you just have to wait and see what she decides and support the decision she makes and who knows she may soon be a cd success story.


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I've messed about on diets for ages before I knew my head was in the right place and I was able to lose 2 stone through healthy eating and 3 on CD in the last 6 months. If somebody had forced me on to any diet I'd have rebelled and I don't think you can do such a strict diet as CD unless it's something you REALLY want.


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Why not show her Serena and KD, Porgeous (just a few that jump to mind) about those who lost it and kept it off?

You could even say to her if she loses say 5 stone on this and then does put any weight on, she could try WW or whatever to lose the "wee bit" she's put on? it wont' seem as bad trying to lose 5lbs compared to say 5 stone (just using myself as an example here I have no idea how much your mum wants to lose)

It sneaky because I have no doubt that if she tries this she wont need WW or anything else to keep it off if she follows the plans, but maybe she needs just that safety net?

Alternatively you see your CD through and lead by example?
There is a lot of research out there that shows that in fact those who follow VLCD's are more likely to keep weight off than when having lost it by other means, I think what happens is that when someone loses say 7s tone in 6 months and they put it on again quite qucikly (because they went back to their pre diet ways of grossly over eating) it shocks people more than if someone has taken a year to lose it and then puts it on quite quickly.

Like Lexie say's she will have to make her own decision and maybe using the 'weight back on' as a way out of committing, but I would also show her the stories of KD, Icemoose, porgous, summer etc,,,, they are all doing really well and are an inspiration for maintenence...

I hope she loses it somehow though she will enjoy your son much more if she can chase him around the garden :)


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