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Extra Easy A little Help needed please

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by sugardiva, 13 May 2011 Social URL.

  1. sugardiva

    sugardiva Member

    Hi All

    I've been doing SW since Jan 2011 and have lost a total of 2stone 4lbs so far, but the past 2 weeks I have been struggling with the weight loss and have only lost 0.5lbs. I've been sticking to plan having plenty of superfree food, fruits and salads, 6-11 syns a day and drinking loads of water, I usually do eat the same things day in day out. Has anyone got any tips they can help me with to boost this weight loss this week and achieve my 2.5 stone award, would it be a good idea if i changed my foods ie more protein and maybe carbs, because i dont think im eating enough of them. Any tips would be highly appreciated at the moment feeling very down and disheartened :cry:

    Thanks xx
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  3. determinator

    determinator Banned

    Its always a good idea to shake things up a little , I tend to have a different breakfast most mornings , and try out at least 1 new recipe every week :D
    what plan are you on ?? may be try one of the other plans for a few weeks , the other things I find have always really helped me -
    drink at least 3 litres of water a day ( the less water you drink , the more you retain )
    try having scan bran as a healthy extra at least 4 times a week .. I have grown to love it over time and it really gives me a boost
    when you do eat carbs go for low GI , so brown rice and pasta , sweet potato instead of normal .... etc

    I hope you get through this stall soon and start loosing again :D
  4. vanilla_cupcake

    vanilla_cupcake Silver Member

    You really need to change what foods you eat, eating the same thing day in and day out sounds awful!

    Why not try red & green days, I only do EE about twice a week, the rest I shuffle red & green about, I find it more enjoyable that way! EE is good if you have a constant supply of fruit & veg in the house which I don't as I don't have time to be running into town all the time!

    Up your water intake, i'm trying that this week & have stopped drinking fizzy....i've just realised thats why i've been grouchy & have headaches, I was drinking 2-3 tins of diet coke a day! :eek:

    Do you have a good breakfast? This morning I had 2 nimble, bacon & scrambled egg...all free on a Red day...nimble is my HE B, starts me up for the day and I should only need an alpen bar and a cup of tea for my lunch!

    Try new things and hopefully you will see a movement in the weight loss ;)
  5. livi

    livi Committed Loser

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    Weight Watchers
    Excellent advice. I couldn't have put it better myself!

    I've upped my exercise and it upped my weight loss. I go walking and try to jog for one minute every few minutes and it's made me sooooo energised :)
    Fingers crossed for you and well done on what you've achieved so far :) Try and focus on your weight loss over a 4 week period too as it gives you a better overview and an "average" of sorts. My consultant always makes people who are unhappy do this and it tends to improve their outlooks :)
  6. Blondee

    Blondee Would love a cream bun!!

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    I've done this diet three times now with success and have found that the more you vary it, the better. I'm not a massively adventurous eater and therefore I always find that I eat the same stuff day in day out for one week then lose at weigh in and then change to something different the next week and eat that day in day out for a week then lose at weigh in... I think as long as you're eating different things week to week you'll be fine. I went through the same as you, eating exactly the day ALL the time and then suddenly not losing anymore - you need to vary it hun. Good luck and keep us posted :) xxx
  7. sugardiva

    sugardiva Member

    Thanks everyone for the advice, will try varying this week x
  8. cyberjelly

    cyberjelly Full Member

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    Hi Sugardiva,
    Like you I started in Jan and need to lose 3lb to get my 2 1/2 stone award, which I plan to do this week.

    I gave myself a kick up the bum this week after losing small amounts over the past few weeks.
    So I went back to basics, have been keeping a food diary and have upped my exercise. So have been to the gym twice this week, cycled to work twice 3 miles each way (and noticed that I had knocked 10 mins of my journey time since my first week cycling about 6 weeks ago).

    So my tip is go back to the beginning, read your books again, write everything down, weight what you should and treat it as your first week.

    Good luck with the weight loss.
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