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A little help please, my first day.

Hi there its my first day today on the LL programme, as its my first week as u know i only have soups and shakes, does anyone have any tips on what to do with the food packs and how do you plan your day with them? As my usual routine is to have a cuppa in the morning, i was thinking of using the choc flavouring as a kinda hot choc this morning, would that be any good? thanks for any help :)
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Hi there,

Everyone is different when it comes to this. I like to have three meals a day so I had a bar for breakfast (a shake in the first week), then one soup or shake for lunch and usually two soups in the evening.


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Yup, differnt for everyone, but I also try & keep to a routine that I know I will need post LL.

So I have a shake & black coffee for breakfast, soup for lunch, soup for dinner and bar as a 'treat' at 9.00

I think you can have bars after day 3, but before then I used to make up the chocolate shake with hot water into hot choc at 9.00. Very nice.


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It really is trial and error that take s a bit of time working out to fit with you!!

My routine: -

Morning 2 glasses of water first thing.
Coffee (1st at about 7 am but I drink far too much of it through the day at the mo!)
About 9 I have a savory drink
Still sipping water
About 10.30 - 11 I have first soup. (Mushroom)
Another dedicated glass of water and coffee.
About 1.30 have half bar with another coffee.
About 3 have another savory drink and glass water
5- 6 pm sit down with OH and have soup (Thai or veg) I have this very watered so it takes time to imbibe so I spend more time at the table with OH. Water now soda.
7pm I either have the other half of the bar with coffee or the banana shake in frozen mousse form
8.30 I have the other of what I didn't have at 7pm.
Glass water

I have water with me all the time but I do have set times for actually drinking it too or I tend to lapse. (I hate water!) I have a small glass by the St Clements tub with 10 half wooden skewers in it, one end I've coloured black and the other red. I turn one over from red to black every time I have a glass and I know if I've had my quota then. 3 of my glasses = 1 litre. I also like the soda water in the evenings as a bit of variety! (I still hate water).

This is purely my way of coping. I find I'm so busy in the mornings I don't think about the packs and can get away with a late start. The savoury helps there. Not that I feel hungry anymore I can just get a bit shaky if I leave it too long! By evening things have calmed down and I still have things to look forward to and stop any boredom setting in. In the real world I'm not a boredom picky eater, but I can feel that way on this diet so I head it off at the pass.

Others will tell you their way I'm sure, it's quite interesting to see, but you have to fit it in and it will take a couple of weeks. And you have to find the pack you like. :D

Hope this helps.
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Thanks loads for the help, am i allowed to split the shakes pack or do i have to use the full packet? and can i ask what the savoury drink is? i take it i cant have this till after my drop in session? sorry about all the questions, just trying to get my head around it lol Thanks
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It's like a cup of oxo/bovril and you can have it from day 1 as far as I know and you're allowed 2 sachets a day.

I don't have any particular routine as I'm in and out all day between the 3 kids so I just 'eat' when I'm hungry.



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Well I actually use Marigold boullion (reduced salt) From Sainsbuy's rather than the official one. It's like a vegetable stock and is quite pleasant and a lot cheaper from the super market! (shhh we didn't say that!) You are only allowed maximum of 2 of these a day.

I don't tend to split the soups or shakes but the nut or cranberry bars can be quite filling!

I must also point out that the bars are higher in calories and the savoury drink also adds this is why they are limited. This may lessen the amount you could lose but you have to weigh this up against choice and variety which is already quite limited. Upping exercise may also help burn off the extra. You are STILL going to lose more than any of the other diets over a shorter period of time.

The LLC's are usually good and if you find you have packs you really don't like the taste of, they will exchange them.
This week I have been having 1 shake before work, and 3 shakes spead out between 6pm and 11pm. How you split them is entirely up to you, so long as you have 4 in a day :) so do what you find works for you!
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I tend to follow a routine similar to foxtrots. I prefer to have first pack at about 11am (soup or shake), second about 3pm (bar), then third and fourth in the evening (soup and a shake) usually 6-7pm and 8-9pm. In between I pretty much always carry water on me whether it's a bottle or glass. So I try and drink as much as possible, steadily throughout the day.
But then my 'routine' changes on different days and according to when I feel I need one. Sometimes like today I'll have a shake and the bar in the morning, shake at lunch and soup this evening. I woke up in the night tummy rumbling and in the morning I was pretty hungry, and had a busy day anyway. So I had the 2 packs first thing.

Find a routine that works for you though!
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9am shake/porridge, 1pm soup, 5pm soup, 7.30pm bar.

You will fall into a routine so don't worry.
I usually spread them out over the day but sometimes split the packs so I could have smaller drinks. Equally, I'm sometimes mix two packs together to get them both down.
The one thing to remember is to have all FOUR packs or your weight loss will not be as much. And just keep drinking plenty of water too. Good luck! x
Thanks for your replies, yesterday was so hard, i had a really bad headache all day! i wasnt keen on the banana shake and tomatoe soup i hope the other soups are better lol i like the choc one and the chilli soup, really worried that this isnt gonna work for me cus me not likeing the packs :( im giving it a good go though and trying them in different ways! im getting lumpy shakes too which puts me off. please tell me things get better lol, although i do feel better than yesterday today so thats gotta be a good sign :)
If you are getting lumpy shakes then you need to get yourself a blender or decent electronic hand-whisk.

So long as you like a few of the packs, you can manage. Some of us (me and Bekimo I know for sure) have 3 chocolate packs every single day as we dont like any of the others - this week I have had no bars so have been having 4 choclate shakes each day.

So long as you find a routine and you want it bad enough, you can make it work.

And the headache will be because of carbohydrate withdrawl. So long as you didnt "dose up" on carbs in the last few days (i.e. eat a ton of bread or pasta) then it will only last 2 or 3 days, max, then you will be into Ketosis and feel fantastic :)

PS I think of my shakes as medicine - if you have to run a course of Beechams Cough Mixture, it tastes the same every time you have it, so it makes it easier to think that my fat-curing medicine will taste the same each time too :D


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Hi MrsF

headache is not uncommon in forst few days, it's down to Carb withdrawl and will go away. Best tip is to drink plenty of water throughout the day as this will help.

Tomato soup seems to be the one most people dislike (but it does split opinion), all the others are MUCH nicer and mix much better as well, so try them all & see which you prefer. Same re shakes, although i like all of them I tend to only have the vanilla & banana as they are most like 'breakfast' for me (I know it takes all sorts).

Also don't forget that after a few days you can have a bar instead of on eof the foodpacks, and this really makes a difference. My favourites are the peanut bar & the cranberry bar, personally I don't like the taste & consistency of the older flavours.

To get the best out of all the packs, invest in a 'stick blender' if you don't already have one. I bought 2 and keep one at the office for lunch, they are a God-send. Not expensive (mine were £3.69 from Argos), but make all teh difference to the packs.

Don't wobble, it's early days and believe me it really does get much, much easier especially once you move into keytosis.

[edited - Pete beat me to it]
thanks guys ive just done what u said and used my blender ( why i didnt do it b4 i dont know lol) with the chicken soup and i actually really like this one :) im feeling much more positive now :) thanks again its so nice to have the support on here it helps so much!
How's it going now Mrs. F?

Is it getting better? I hope so.
With the savoury shakes I always added tabasco sauce and sometimes a little salt or black pepper to give it a bit of zing.
BL recommended putting a couple of sweeteners in the hot chocolate shake and although i don't usually like sweet things it does taste better to me.
Try not to think of the shakes as tasty food - they are not. They are just a vehicle to make sure you get the daily required amounts of nutrients/vitamins etc.
Once you get your head round that I hope it will become easier.
Are you havinga pop in WI? When you see how much weight you have lost it will spur you on.
You should be starting to feel better now. Be sure to keep the water up. Itis crucial.
Good luck.

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