A little help please


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you should have had a booklet with the plan in it, I'm not too sure of it myself but I think what you are going to be doing is Sole Source +. On CD you can't have diet coke but you can have Coke Zero, something to do with citric acid.

Good Luck, I only started a few days ago myself so hopefully someone who knows what they are talk about will reply.


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If you are doing ss+ then yes you can have I think 200mls of skimmed milk , if you are 22 then no thing other than your packs and water.
Diet coke or any diet or zero drink is not allowed, just water, balsck tea/coffee or cd water flavourings after week 2 I think.

Hope thats right its a few weeks since i was ssing and i forget so quickly.lol.

Good luck hunni.xx


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Welcome to minimins. Hope your first few days go quickly.


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Hi and welcome. Good luck. Drink lots of water, keep away from the diet drinks as they are no longer allowed. If you are doing sole source then its just your three shakes, but you can split them and make up half a pack at the time. You are allowed mint tea or any type of leaf tea but no other type (flower teas). After 3 weeks you can have 1 bar a day and you can buy the CD water flavouring and have 1 teaspoon a day to mix with your water.
Brushing your teeth and using mouthwash helps if you feel a bit hungry. Hope all goes well