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A Little help


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S: 16st1lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.33%)
Can anyone advise on the best breakfast cereal to have - i love cereal, dont eat anything else for brekky. Had a bowl of rice crispies yesterday and it was 5.5 syns - what a waste !! The Special K Sustain are one of the HEX b arent they ???

Also can someone help me with bread - one slice of wholemeal is classed as HEXb is that right and if i was to make a sambo as in use two slices i have to syn the other slice - how many syns is that ?

do you HAVE to stock up on Superfree food at every meal? Dinner last night was 2 lamb burgers and baked beans - thats it. Is that ok ?

Feel like im not getting the proper benefit out of the plan as i dont fully understand it

Anyone who can help thats a million xxx
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I assume if you've only just started at SW then you're doing the EE plan? If you are then you should be having a minimum of 1/3 Superfree with each meal.

28g of Special K Sustain can be used as your HEB. Other HEx's can be found in your book or using the website (with the current or previous week's password).

One full-size slice of wholemeal bread (from a 800g loaf) can be used as a HEB as well, 1 medium slice is 4 Syns and 1 thick slice is 5 Syns (for normal, unbranded bread).


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Alwyn is quite correct.

However, why is 5.5 syns on Rice Krispies a waste? If you like them, use your syns on them. That's what they are there for!!!

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Have you joined a class Hun?? Your Consultant should also be able to help you with these questions.
For bread, when I have it, I have 2 slices of Hovis Nimble white bread as a HeB and its lovely!
Dont forget to have your fruit and veg otherwise you will starving if thats all you had to eat yesterday Hun!
I would also suggest you have a look at the Food Diary section on here for some ideas.

Good luck!


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S: 16st1lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.33%)
Thank ladies - i just think that 5.5 syns on a breakfast cereal is a waste becuase i wouldnt see breakfast as a treat. I would normally use my sysn for adding my fav sauce to pasta or stir fry or a nice glass of wine - not cereal ! haha

Thanks for clearing up the bread issue. Will get the hovis or ww in my shopping tonight.

I eat loads of fruit and veg throughout the day also
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28g weetabix minis (any variety) or 2 weetabix (HEXB) with a chopped banana or berries to beef it out :)


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I love special K sustain, I have it every other day with fruit on top.

The bread, I have WW danish brown and you can have 3 slices of that:) that way I can have a slice of toast for breakfast when I don't have cereal, and still have a sandwich for lunch.


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I have a small Tesco Healthy Eating wholemeal roll, shove it full with lots of meat and salad and thats filling. Other then that, its nimble for me too :), I have to have 2 slices, so I freeze the loaf and take out 2 slices, they defrost really quickly left on plate for 10 mins.

Re cereal, weetabix I would have and top it with banana. But laterly to save my HEB's as I like Alpen Bar Lights and you can have 2 of them for 1 HEB, I've been havintg Fruit and yogurt for Brekkie, filling too. x
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For breakfast I usually have cereal, either 2 weetabix, 28grms Shreddies, 42grms bran sticks and then add fruit & yoghurt.

I buy frozen fruit & in the evening just take out what I'll need for breakkie.

I'll have breakfast about 7:30 & it keeps me full until my mid morning snack around 11:00am.


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If I have cereal it's usually Weetabix, warmed up in the microwave with my milk allowance! It makes my bf gag but I love it! You get 2 for your Healthy Extra B on Extra Easy, and you can replace them with shops own brand Weetabix style cereal. Sometimes for breakfast I'll have 28g porridge oats mixed with fat free strawberry onken, left in the fridge overnight to swell up, it's really filling and amazing with chopped fruit through it (if you search 'magic porridge' on here you'll get loads of results for different variations etc!) and to get the full Healthy Extra you're meant to have 1 scan bran with the porridge, I know not everyone does but I do, so it's like an extra snack you can have later on :)



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I like the All Bran because you can have 42g of it for a HEB :)

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