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A little Rant from me (shocking i know).

i just want to vent out my feelings here before i burst into tears or something so here goes..

3 weeks ago it seemed i had a water infection, antibiotics didnt work , then there was talk of diabetes and iratable bowel syndrome.. now they are testing my liver function and iron levels , also to see if im anemic...test results come bk tuesday or wednesday. so not long to wait but it seems everyday my symtoms are getting worse... the antibiotic are just masking the pain and soon as it nears a time to take more the pain comes bk really bad... and now i have a constant feeling like im high or something im taking 9 tablets a day...

This morning was the last straw i woke up and felt pain in my mouth looked in the mirror and i have a blister or ulcer just inside on my top lip , right in posistion so when i talk ect it really hurts...

i've read ulcers come with other health problems and due to stress..

i really do want to stay on the wagon but im scared this is gunna make me really down... =[...

im trying to carry on with gym and toning ceneter dispite the pain.. its hard but i need to carry on else ill sink...

Sorry for the ranting im just upset and worried and in pain ahhhhhh.

Hope everyone else is okay though and sorry i aint been posting much ill hopefully be back to myself soon.
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ARRRggggggghhhhhhh...just typed you a massive post n lost it!

Im sorry you are still not feelin better....im concerned that still continuing with all the exercise when you feel so crap may not be a good idea....i k now you neeed to do it, but i dont know if its helping you get better?

I wish they would hurry up with your blood results so that you can get some answers.

Youve not been right since that lip piercing went nasty have u? Maybe its a blood infection...they can be nasty:(

Honey i really hope you are feeling MUCH better VERY soon. xxxx



gunna be a fatty for ever
ooooh kiwaaaarr!! im so sorry you are in so much pain!

I really dont know what to say hunny! vit c is fab for mouth ulcers and bonjella cool is a god send!!

I had no idea you were feelin soo bad and with ill health! i hope they find out what the propblem is asap so they can treat you for it! Its not nice to live in pain babes!

Please dont apologise! You put so much time and effort into giving people advice on here so its only right we give a little back!!!

bbiiiiig hugs ((((huggzzz))))

lots of love katie

Ahhh thats a lovely pic at the end of kaes post! Thats how i lost my original post, goin to look for something like that lol!


gunna be a fatty for ever
hehehe your always loosing your post abby!! what on earth r u doing heheheh
I know I'm just new and we've not really been in contact. But just wanted to wish you well, really hope they get to the bottom of your problems- you've came so far and are such an inspiration to everyone. I've been telling all my family about you, really do think that your amazing.
Hope your feeling much better soon, love Pamela xx
thanks both of you , :) , well ill get that vit c stuff lol maybe some oranges or summit , i have bonjela i using it , results should be back tomoz or wednesday...

but yeah abby it all started going crazy when my lip came up like that. =[..... didnt think of blood infection but right now im thinkin anything is possible

im off to toning center then going in steam room/sauna should make me feel more relaxed i reckon..

ill post laterz xx
thankyou pamela thats nice of you to say :) im sure ill be back to normal soon xx


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Oh i hope you are feeling better soon... and im kinda thinking abby is right with regards to the gym etc... your body is obviously trying to go into overdrive and i honestly think your immune system is taking a big hit.. try and get better then get back to what you were doing... your body needs to rest too....
but you then also need to do what you feel your body is telling you..

i hope that the test results come back and give you some answers...
my sister had blood poisoning from a piercing and she suffered a lot... but i can not remember what it was that she suffered from.. (sorry not much help i know)

Good luck!!!
Piink you are my idol. I agree with the rest of the gang in my sympathy for your pain, Pain free vibes coming from me too. Keep on rockin' girl.


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Piink you are my idol. I agree with the rest of the gang in my sympathy for your pain, Pain free vibes coming from me too. Keep on rockin' girl.
i also look at what you have achieved and hope i can do just as good!
Oh petal you're having a time of it :( I think Abby is right in that your lip piercing may have something to do with this. It could also be your body's way oh saying :airquote: hang on, do you want to give me a wee break here:airquote:
Whatever it is hun, I hope your doc gets to the bottom of it soon, sending healing vibes your way:vibes::vibes:
Sorry to read that you are not well. Hope you get your results soon & that they can give you some good treatment.
Aw hun, only just noticed this post as I've been absent from minimins for a while (fighting my own food demons at the mo) - really hope you get well and are bk feeling better soon!! Sending lots of love and hugs! xx
Aww babes I really do hope you get better soon, i know what you mean with the ulcers, i have had a continuous ulcer on the front of my tongue for nearly a year now it drives you up the wall. When i rber the name of the stuff i used to use ill let you know. IBS is a pain in the bum (pun intended) i have had it for years, but it is pretty easy to keep under control esp with diet :) i hope the diabetes comes back neg, i have high risk of it too as most of family have it :(

I really hope everything comes back ok and you start getting back to normality, and can carry on as normal with your life.

Love and hugs thrown your way..............catch!!



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Hey Piink.... mate you seem to be getting hit with all types of blows!!! A few years back i was plagued with ulcers and cold sores and was diagnosed as aneamic without the need for a blood test. i took iron sulphate to increase the red cell count which helped and was advised to take echinacea which helps your immune system do it's job! I know it's hard when sickness gets in the way but maybe if you took a few days off from the gym and maybe took a jacuzzi and a sauna you'd feel a bit chillaxed! Thinking of you anyway mate x
Hi Piink,
So sorry to hear that you aren't well.
Hope you'll soon be feeling better.
Take care of yourself.
Shorty x


Go on smile! =)
I hope you start feeling better soon punk! x Well done on keeping up the gym and that cant be easy.
Well was at the doc this morning and she now thinks that all my symtoms relate to antibiotics and using them.. which makes sence ever since i took antibiotics for my lip lol.

so shes taking me off antibiotics for a week. to see how i get on so i shall try it , also giving toning beds a rest till im better again.. see if thats also causing the issues...

=D feeling better now its not serious talk anymore xx

thanks everyone

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