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A little (veggie) help!?


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Personally, I'd just do green days then you get 2 healthy extra a's and b's as opposed to only one of each on extra easy!!


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As you are a veggie, I also suggest doing green, as you won't have all the benefits of EE, only being allowed 1a and 1b.


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Ditto, green all the way.
Still do your best to eat as many superfree foods as you can, but at least doing green gives you the option of two Healthy Extra A and Bs.
Okay thanks, that's what I was thinking, but the website only really mentions EE.

So is there anything on green that I can eat that was on EE? iykwim?
And I can have 2 A's and 2 B's?
Sounds much better to me!!

Also if anyone else is a veggie and has a diary I can browse through that would be fab!!



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hmmm. If it's any help, many people talk about 'green days' and 'meat days', which isn't strictly true, but does give a fairly good pointer.

Meat/fish tends to be restricted on a green day - you can either syn them (they'll be HIGH in syns on a green day), or measure them and use them as HEbs.

Pasta, rice, potatoes and pretty much all fruit & veg is free on green. Your HEa (one or two) is used to supply your daily dairy intake, and your HEb (two a day) covers your fibre, so is your cereals/breads/nuts.

Rather than getting misinformation from me (!) have a look on Slimming Worlds own website. EE is the plan they are mainly promoting now, but you will find all the info you need about green days in there too.
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I'm a veggie, green days all the way!
Never tried EE yet :D

I love cooking ... a lot of recipes online can be made SW friendly... I subsitute chicken for quorn chicken, same with sausages, and oil with fry light! Risottos, pasta dishes, rice, stir fry, couscous, the list is endless!


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S: 20st5lb C: 20st5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 53.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
....just checked the website for you, and found that the sample menues no longer give the choice or 'Original' or 'Green'. They're now 'Extra Easy Vegetarian' or 'Extra Easy Non Vegetarian'.

Hmm. Looks like potential new veggie members are going to be cheated out of a couple of HEs? OK, not cheated, I know, but you know what I mean, I think!?
Yeah I found it annoying that you cant easily search for veggie menus, unless I've just not found that option yet! And the online section, is all about EE, doesnt mention green until you go to your online food diary bit, thats why I was a little confused!!

But thanks for the help everyone :) xx


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I once had an argument with a consultant who was trying to convince me that i would be better off doing extra easy, her argument mainly being that the superfree food requirement who help me limit my carb intake and therefore make it easier to maintain. My response was that I could do that equally well on green and have the added bonus of extra HEBs and the ability to have cheese, nuts and seeds as a HEB which I can't do on EE.


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I am a pescetarian (pretty much veggie but I eat fish occassionally) and I have a diary on here in the food diary section, I follow Green Days from home on my own.

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