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A Little White Lie.....

hey guys... Ive to get something off my chest and I figured this is the best place to do it...

Im at my folks at the moment and my mam commented on my weight loss, and asked what diet was I on so I told her the gist of it. She was so supportive and understanding and then asked if I had consulted my doctor about it... (I havent, but Im confident that Im doing the right thing for myself) but I told her yes.. and she felt all reassured... I feel so bad, but I know she wouldnt have approved if I didnt seek medical advice first. I was so happy that she is so supportive I didnt want to tell her the truth. Did I do the right thing?

Anyway thanks for listening
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I know but you did see a pharmacist which is pretty close. Also Hope Hospital support this diet and that has the backing of the doctors. so no real lies there.. Hope it makes you feel a little better.

Take Care

OOOPS me too:eek: But dont tell anyone:D x
:) yeah you did the right thing... i would have said same to my ma... i have not told my mum and dad ,only that i am on a diet when they asked i just said ... "oh you know cut back on things and all low fat low carb .. drinkin loads of water and stuff" ... and they just said good for you .. and that was it really .. sort of lying by ommision!!:D.. my folks would have been worried if i told em what i was doing ... same with people at work .. so yeah dont feel bad .. your pharmacist gives you a sort of medical check and makes sure you are ok to do it .. well mine did he is really good! so if push comes to shove and you feel uncomfortable that you have not told her tell her you had the once over by the pharmacist eh,,,! dont worry ... sharon x
awh thanks guys its good to know that I wasnt the only one who as sharon said "ommitted" information!! (Like that one Sharon!!)

Feeling a little better now I got it off my chest

Oh fattothin, my lips are sealed ;)


Desires to be slim....
A little white lie never hurt anyone......... The Chemist is trained to administer LT.......
I've told the same white lie myself hun, it's not going to hurt anyone and will hopefully stop your Mum from worrying about you.



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I agree with Michelle hun you had med advice through pharmicist which is pretty close xx


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If it makes you feel better, my doctor was overjoyed with me doing Lipotrim. Maybe you should just check with yours just to be on the safe side. I'm sure your doc will be fine as long as you haven't got diabetes or anything ...

I never used to tell my mother everything anyway!
Not sure if a Doctor is close to a pharmacist though, I think thats like saying a bus driver is close to a pilot. No disrespect to anybody;).
A little white lie dont hurt anyone and its healthy I reckon.
A pharmicist oking the diet, promoting it and putting their reputation on the line has to be a good thing. thats what i meant honey xxx
Just like im sure i know more than some dentists!:pxxx
lol xxxxx
hahaha thanks hun! Hope there are no dentists here ill be in trouble lol xxx
Hahaha probably!! xxx

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