a load of poo (sorry)


Going to do this......
sorry to be graphic, but has anyone had colonic irrigation,

thinking of it , anything to help weight loss:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Yeah - I'm sure Kelly1977 had it done, hun. She did post about it but not sure if it was on here or another site (! - is there another site??!?!?!! lol)

You could PM her about it??

I dunno if it helped with weightloss though - more a health thing, isn't it????

TBH I try not to think about it LMTO!!!!!
I had it done! Was a good experience and lost 5lb that week. i suffered from IBS so it was a good reason to have a clean, was recommended to have one once a season... i.e sprin, summer , autumn and winter... Which reminds me time to book again...

I had to complete a questionarrie before hand and it cost £60.. but was worth every penny... I did not feel uncomfotable and was happy not seeing what came out! i was told i had a lot of blockages!

If you want anymore info let me know....
Does it help afterwards with constipation
thanks for all your replies, and thanks Mini, just watched video:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

must be mad but still interested in having it. will look into it.:eek:
i am also interested in having this done
watching that video put me off a bit though

was there supposed to be any sound on it? i heard none.
Perhaps it was better without sound :eek:
I did not suffer with constipation but with my IBS i would sometimes go up to 10 times a day! This helped settle me down and become more normal!
I've had it done too!!! Was a positive experince and it is said that it can give a sluggish metabolism a boost too (kind of a plug hole effect if you like!!:eek: )

My hydrotherapist said that she sees several clients on VLCDs as its quite complimentary, after all we're clearing our systems of all the rubbish - this just takes it a step further :eek: !and the effects are stronger as we're not then going off and filling ourselves full of rubbish again!!;)

Go for it, tis bit pricey but worth it even if only for a short course of treatments!!


I have had it done as I have wanted to have it done for years but never dared.

My hydrotherapist was fab & totally put me at ease.
You have a consultation with her first about your movements & what it looks like etc.

I found it quite uncomfortable at times, especially when you are filled with water, all I can describe it as a huge period pain in your tummy, but as soon as the water is released its such a relief.

I found out quite alot & found it very interesting,
I done a thread on DH, that went into detail about everything, will try & find it for you..

Ohh Im thinking about getting this done too.
Id love a detailed explanation kelly if you still have it hun :) x
me to im another one who would like it done but not quite brave enough.