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A lot to loose

Hi peeps,

Thought I would show my head in here as I need to say goodbye to a large amount of weight... around 126lbs (I am weighing myself tomorrow to be certain of the exact amount).

I know it will be tough and I know that when (and I will this time) I reach my goal I am probably going to have to deal with the issue of exess skin, but that is a bridge I will have to cross once I get to it :cry:
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Good luck! Hopefully excess skin will be a better problem than excess fat!
Having alot to lose always seems so scary doesn't it, try setting smaller goals so things dont seem so scary....that's what I do! I take it just one stone at a time.

As for the excess skin, I figure being healthy with some excess skin is better than being fat and at risk of heart attacks and stuff.
Exercise will help, even just gentle walking at first. Oh and keeping your skin well moisturised too apparently.

You also have to remember that even after the weight has come off sometimes loose skin can take months and months to snap back. :)

Good luck with your weight loss journey.
welcome to minis and good luck with your weight loss. Can't add much to what the others have said but do keep posting here. This place is full of great people who are there for you when times are good and bad :)
I also am worried about lots of excess skin..
I'm not going to kid myself here, I WILL have bingo wings etc as I am losing in the region of 18st..

do they do tummy tucks etc on the NHS if you lose loads and keep it off for so many years?
if they don't then I'm going to write to my MP and suggest that it would be a good idea as they will then have lots of spare skin for skin grafts etc.. :)
good luck aj! i started off with a v.similar amount to lose and am thankfully now heading for the "less than 100lb to go" stage... we will get there! i'm currently planning cosmetic surgery for when i hit target (hopefully summer-autumn next year) cause i'm so worried about how my body is going to look. hope your journey is going well...


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It's the luck of the draw regarding excess skin. Everyone worries about it. Some get it bad. Some get it a bit. Some don't.

Don't let it stop you. I think some use it as an excuse not to try to be honest.

It's MUCH better than being bigger I promise.
It's the luck of the draw whether you are left with much excess skin or not. It's much, much better to have a bit of excess skin than a load of excess fat. Exercise will definitely help.
Good luck with your journey.

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