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A lot to loose..........

Jackie, the diet works better for people with more to lose, it is not suggested for people just a little overweight in the first place!

once you start you will see how easily you are losing and the more you lose the more motivated you will be:)

A warning, choose the right time to start not to fall off the wagon, it is very hard to start over..

Planning is the secret to success, always have lots of options handy, cook in batches and freeze..

Trust the plan, it really works..:)

edited to add, visit your doctor and have your colesterol checked before starting, not to face any problems.


I will conquer!!!
Hi & thanks elida. I had my cholestral checked not so long ago & it's fine or so I'm told, it was 4.3. Also my bp is good & no signs of diebeties (sp?) either. I think the nurse was quite surprised at my docs surgery when the results came back, given my size lol!!
Jackie xx
Good luck Jackie, I have found the diet pretty good so far though not without my weak days!!!! I have managed so far not to break it at all just because if I do I know I have to start over and will have wasted all the hard work so far, before this diet I always took a 'day off' every week - which ultimately led to me taking two then three days etc till before long I was over eating again. Look at the recipes and use them to stop boredom. I rely on the tofee muffin recipe especially if I am on a PP day - really helps. Off to the cinema tomorrow with my 3 yr old and will take some then to stop the popcorn urge!!!!!


Not very good at this!
I think it's true that the diet works better for people with more to lose, and while it is pretty strict, you don't ever have to go hungry which has been pretty important for a pig like me :)
I read that as you has 280 lbs to lose! lol. I was very overweight compared to some of people on this site, and its working for me :) Doesnt feel as much of a chore as other diets, and you can make alot of things similar to what you usually have, just more healthy! Like last night I made chicken tikka masala with no rice (though could have made cauliflower rice) and my boyfriend had the same but with rice!

Attack is brilliant to give you a confidence boost, it shows the weight can come off, just remember that anything over 5lbs lose is pure fat! Gone forever!!!!

Set yourself hard but do-able targets ( Mine is to reach 15st on christmas day!) to keep yourself on track, and treat yourself to non-food things! Books, massages etc.

Good Luck!
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