A lot to lose....could really do with some Buddies xx

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by **BUTTERFLY**, 1 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. **BUTTERFLY**

    **BUTTERFLY** Member

    Hi all...Keeping it short and sweet... I am starting CD SS on Sat 2nd of Jan....I weigh 23st so have a big journey ahead of me...and would like some buddies I can support and who can keep me motivated along the way.... Good luck to newbies/restarters....Keep up the good work those already on their Journey.... Bring on 2010!!!! xxx
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  3. specialk

    specialk Silver Member

    Hi Butterfly, i am RE starting CD on the 4th jan, with a starting weight of 26.6 st, so we have some what similar targets...

    lets do it together?

    K x
  4. pancras

    pancras Full Member

    Good luck to the both of you. I was similar in weight to the both of you back in March 2009 and almost 12 stones later here I am still going, and knowing I will get to goal by late spring of 2010.

    When you have as much as we do to lose it brings it own hurdles and twists. So if you ever fancy a chat send a pm and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  5. icandoit

    icandoit Full Member


    Hi Butterfly

    Sorry still getting use to the site and must have clicked on the wrong thing because I meant this as a reply and started a new thread!

    I started cambridge today so i would appreciate the support of someone else starting at the same time.
    Good luck with your first day tomorrow.
    We can support each other.
    I have about 8 stone to lose but taking little steps!
    Got some cd porriage in the microwave for breakfast and a cuppa. Love my tea and soooo pleased I can use my skimmed milk to carry on drinking it.

    Good luck
  6. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Hi hun, I have merged your thread into this post to save any confusion x
  7. ** Just Jools **

    ** Just Jools ** Slow & steady does it!!!!

    Hiya Butterfly

    I'm starting tomorrow too. Good luck hun. x x
  8. Chika

    Chika Silver Member

    Can i join in this support group too? I did cambridge a couple of years ago and although its hard work it really works. I'm a poor student so can't start for a week or so but as soon as my student loan hits the bank I'm booking my appointment with the CDC. Can't wait!
  9. mrsessex

    mrsessex Gold Member

    Good luck everyone!!!

    Its the bestest diet ever!!!

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  10. DappyMare

    DappyMare Girl on a mission

    Hey Hun, Good luck with your start, i'm also re-starting tomorrow (after a few false starts:rolleyes:)lol, cambridge diet is the best :D
  11. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    Welcome newbies and restarters :). I don't start until the 7th :cry:. I can't wait, I just want to get started nowwww!

    I'll give encouragement where I can. I'm very good at telling others what to do!
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  12. rainbow27

    rainbow27 Full Member

    morning and happy new year to you all.. im also re starting on the 4th jan i will have 5 & half stone to lose so would like to have a buddy also
    good luck everyone x
  13. saxylou

    saxylou Member

    Hi Butterfly,

    I have just restarted today, i currently weigh 22 stone and am hoping to loose at least 10 stone. My plan is to just take one day at a time but I would definatley like a buddy/s!!!

    Good luck to everyone who's starting CD

    Louise xx
  14. AlexIce

    AlexIce Silver Member

    It really is a wonderful diet cos it actually works! I have 12 stones to lose. I started in Sept 09 and have lost 4.5 stones so well on my way now. It's a great feeling of empowerment, taking control of my weight and knowing that I can do it. Being on here helps so much too as you always have somewhere to express what is going on with your head / body and people understand.
    :) Just wait until you have lost a few stones and those compliments start rolling in and you can buy different clothes! oh and the satisfaction of dumping the clothes which are way too big for you now at the charity collection area! ohhh I love that!
  15. fed-up-and-fat

    fed-up-and-fat hoping for a good loss

    Hi Butterfly, I started 3 days ago and am loving the different flavours. It is hard work, but will be so worth it.All the best on your CD journeyCharlie xx
  16. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    Just wanted to say hi and welcome!

    Cambridge really is a fab diet. :D Give it your best shot and the weight will fly off - honest! :D
  17. onlyme!

    onlyme! is a naughty girl...

    Good luck everyone :D not that you will need it!! xx
  18. Zoe.D

    Zoe.D loving life

    Hi Butterfly, I started 7 months ago in May at 22st 3lbs and have lost 9 stone so far. I just wanted to wish you all the best with your cd journey, it's a fab diet with amazing and fast results. It may seem like a long journey ahead but it really does happen quickly on cd and before you know it you will nearly be at goal. I still have to pinch myself and check the label on my clothing as I would never have dreamt last Christmas that the following year I would be in size 14 clothes as I was a size 28 in the beginning. Enjoy it hun the results really will change your life xx.
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  19. AlyB

    AlyB Full Member

    Well done for making the best choice diet wise there is!
    CD really is fantastic and the results are mega quick helping you to stay on track!

    best of luck with it, we are all here for you!
  20. xxpiscesxx

    xxpiscesxx Is determined this time..

    I will also join in ..daily updates could keep us all going ;)
    I started at 23 stone and am now around 18/19.

    Hoping to follow in Zoe's footsteps , well done you, you must b so proud of your self (",)

    Girls hope 2010 can be our year !XXX
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  21. Ani*me

    Ani*me Full Member

    Hi butterfly!

    I am around the same weight as you and started last week, my 1st weigh in is monday! I have a long journey ahead of me also, so im here if you need any support :)

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