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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Caroline83, 12 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Caroline83

    Caroline83 Full Member

    I'm just wondering if there is anyone else that is in this for the long haul. I have 12 stone to lose and was looking for a buddy that will be around for a similar amount of time.

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  3. FunnyFarm

    FunnyFarm Silver Member

    Hi Caroline, I have around 6 or 7 stone (haven't dared weigh myself!) I also have a good friend who dropped 10 dress sizes so rest assured it can be done!

    Good luck, all you need is to want it enough, if you do, by this time next year you'll be at goal and living a completely different life! Don't know about you, but I can't wait!
  4. Caroline83

    Caroline83 Full Member

    Thanks Funny Farm

    I have actually done the diet before to enable me to have my little boy. I lost 7 stone in 7 months I love this diet so now to shift the baby weight and start my new lift with my little family.

    Good luck to you too :)
  5. FunnyFarm

    FunnyFarm Silver Member

    Wow 7 stone is amazing, well done!

    You'll be seeing massive losses soon, I love this diet!
  6. spf 40

    spf 40 Full Member

    Like a bad penny, I turn up on this forum every few years for an 8-12 month residency. Im back after my latest 3 year hiatus to go through the whole process again.
    Like your goodself, I have lost 7 stone before through a combo of LL and CD. Im back here now to try to lose weight to conceive my 1st child.
    I have nearly 8 stone to lose so will be here some time.
    Me and you have similar starting weights so will be looking out for you on the boards. You know the drill, you know you can do do it, just need to get ready for the months of monotony ahead ,thats how i see it anyway, and for me thats the worst bit but then when you except (and embrace?) the monotony you can sit back everything else falls into place and the big loses start rolling in. Cha Ching! The way I see it is and what i tell myself is, those 12 months or however long it takes will pass by anyway whether your on this diet or not. I can chose to be fat and unhappy for those months or just unhappy for 12 months. No brainer really!
    Anyways, 1st weigh in tomorrow and I do anticipate a big loss as is normal for my 1st week.
    I look forward to yours and mine journeys and hope we can spur each other on.
    We'll do it and thats a promise!
  7. spf 40

    spf 40 Full Member

    PS im on Exante, but like to post on both Exante and CD boards.
  8. jenm

    jenm Full Member

    I've got about 9 stone to lose. I'm on CD, ss & on day 6. I've stuck 100% except today I ate some chicken. Hoping it's not knocked me out of ketosis! Good luck x
  9. Caroline83

    Caroline83 Full Member

    Hi SPF40 & Jenm

    Jen chicken shouldn't knock you out of ketosis its on the list for ss+ so you will be fine :)

    Feels good just to know I'm not the only one with a mountain to climb :D
  10. kirstyjade

    kirstyjade Full Member

    Hiya I'm ashamed to say I have about 17 stone to lose so I will be around for quite a while so I will keep a look out for you, I'm more if an observer at the moment but I'm going to start a thread tomorrow to document my progress and to give myself some encouragement
  11. minus117

    minus117 Full Member

    Hello : )

    I have a lot to lose too.
    I started on Step 3 last Monday - my consultant said I couldn't start on 1, due to my high BMI, but I'm happy on Step 3 - so far so good.
    I have my first weigh in tonight, so fingers crossed.
    It's going to be a long journey but we can do it x
  12. lauraskye

    lauraskye Full Member

    Hi all I too I have around 9-10 stone to lose I'm on day 5 I have had my family and where I had them close together piled on the weight I never struggled with my weight before kids so now it's time to get it off so I'll be around alot
  13. Caroline83

    Caroline83 Full Member

    Hi Minus117

    We have a very similar starting weight. I had to start on step 2 just because I'm a couple of inches taller than you so my BMI was just below the cut off for step 3.

    I'm really pleased to see that I'm not the only one in it for the long haul because I think it's a very different experience for those of us that are going to be on it for a while. Not better or worse just different :)
  14. Caroline83

    Caroline83 Full Member

    don't be ashamed of that Kirstyjade your acknowledging it that's half the battle, are you planning on doing cambridge?
  15. Ketty141

    Ketty141 New Member

    Wow! All you girls are an inspiration! Really good to know that i am not the only one!
    I did this in June last year and lost 2 stone in 2 months but was so hard to maintain, went travelling and back to where i began.
    Would really be great to have some support on this journey.
    You all seem so positive and its exactly what i need!
    I have about 4-5 stone to lose. Sucks but its soooo true having other people help you on your journey is half the battle.
    Its frustrating that i live with my boyfriend who can eat what he likes and still stay skinny..........(just need to not reach for his kfc when hes nibbling away lol)

    Hope to hear from you soon <3
  16. lauraskye

    lauraskye Full Member

    My hubby to can eat what he likes and doesn't really put much weight on

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