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Grumpy Old Git
How is she contacting you from my Wardrobe?? Has she sneaked in a mobile...........?? :cool:

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
missed you all too.. Mikes socks smell funny
!! yuckkk

Mandy has been making sure I don't forget you xx
No big losses I am sad to say.. No DAMN IT I AM NOT SAD TO
SAY hehe my weight loss seems to be about 3 lb a week.. that is three rather sexy lumpy 'jims'..
Slow and steady this little dumpy one.. I had an add a meal week, and fell out of love with my scales, I had lost at the beginning of the week, but come weigh day I had returned to the previous weight grrrr.

Truthfully the reason I have not been about is a little embarrassing, but I have been having a little..down... spell.. I think this means the weight is a steady 3lb to as I sometimes, well most of the time, when I feel a little blue really have no motivation to move at all.. I become a stationary object on the sofa and need dusting...
I might move to the kettle and back.. and certainly not drink enough.
Mandy is a superstar reminding me that some people care and worry xxx so I will try to be back to my normal self on this wonderful forum.. I have a lot of catching up to do with you lumpy lovelinesses

xxx I just needed a swift kick up the behind.


reaching my goal
im so glad you are coming back its not been the same without you , alot of us older members have left the forum and there are alot of newbies x


Amusing Title.
newbies arent so bad ;)

when can i add an avatar? :D

hope to see u all around alot :)


Amusing Title.
best get boring you all then hadnt i :D

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Thank you lovely ladies.. and welcome to the newest members :D


Grumpy Old Git
She has escaped again....I was quite enjoying having her all to myself!!

I'll share Sarah for a while then back in my wardrobe she goes...!!

Welcome back to the forum xxXXxx

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