A mini progress photo show

Discussion in 'Orlistat (Xenical)' started by slimmerkay, 19 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. slimmerkay

    slimmerkay Silver Member

    I say mini because I would have liked to have lost much more before comparing photos but I got DH to take new photos when we went out Saturday night and the difference just in me (never mind the weight) is so amazing I decided to share. So:-

    Me - 17st 9.5lbs - 6th May 09

    Me - 16st 9.5lbs - 17th Oct 09
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member


    You look amazing!!!:happy096:


    Brilliant weight loss!

    Love Mini xxx
  4. slimmerkay

    slimmerkay Silver Member

    Thanks mini. I know it's the whole having bothered to dye my hair, new glasses, growing my hair longer, whole shabang that makes such a difference but I feel good looking at those photos :D
  5. bettylollypop

    bettylollypop soon to be skinny minnie

    You look fabulous huni, well done xx
  6. flabbybumbum

    flabbybumbum On a mission

    WOWZERS...you look fab Kay!!

    I WANT THAT DRESS!!...where did you get it>?
  7. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    You look fab hun :)
  8. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Woweee well done you :D

    You look great and dare I say so much younger :eek:

    what an inspiration you are :)

    (I love the dress too..but I wouldn't be able to sqeeze into it ...yet!)
  9. slimmerkay

    slimmerkay Silver Member

    Thanks girlies :D

    The dress is from Evans. It was the one DH bought me last week and I took a size 24 into changing room but it was too big so got a 22 :D
  10. sweetcheaks

    sweetcheaks Full Member

    You look amazing, I love the dress x
  11. Redkoala

    Redkoala Go on smile! =)

    Looking good kay x keep it up
  12. kae

    kae gunna be a fatty for ever

    yeay!! you look years younger!!

    well done!!!

  13. shazboo

    shazboo 'this time i'll do it!'

    you look great!!!! well done you! what a difference in the 2 pictures,
  14. nicola35

    nicola35 Full Member

    wow well done you xx
  15. syanna

    syanna Full Member

    Well done, you look fantastic.
  16. Calkarima

    Calkarima Gonna do it this time


    Wow you can really see the difference. You look really good and much younger.
    Well done
  17. chinababe

    chinababe Silver Member

    Well done!
  18. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    lovely pic :)

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