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I'm going to be totally honest with you all. I've undertaken a lot over the past few months. I've given up smoking and I lost half a stone. Two weeks ago I stopped taking the champix medication that helped me to give up the fags and I've also under medical supervision stopped taking my anti depressant medication. The result of this for some reason has been for me to eat and I mean I have eaten until I feel sick and when the sick feeling has passed I have started again. I can't tell you why but I feel now I need to get this under control, my hubbie suggests I start back on one of the meds but I don't really want to as I feel I might go through this again when I try and stop again.
Any way the upshot is the half stone I lost over about 4 weeks has been regained in 2 weeks. I have been back to group even though I really didn't want to cos if I carry on as I am by January I could potentially gain another 2 stone.
I am trying so hard. It it just seems to be a battle of wills at the moment. Hubbie is comfort eating at the moment as he is worried about money as he is being made redundant on the 23rd of dec, and I don't want to burden him with my problems, which are relatively small in comparison. So here I am sounding off to you lovely people. So there we have it I've been doing sw for 7 weeks and I have lost zilch ! The end of my moan !! Note to self "Claire get a grip!!"
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Hi hun,

I hear what you're saying and I can't imagine how you feel right now. This time of year is a very difficult one for lots of people...least of all those who have worries about redundancy and weight gain/loss.

I believe you've taken the first step by coming on here and admitting what you've done...not everybody is that brave. I also think you're doing well by giving up smoking while you're following a weight loss plan. That isn't easy!

However, all is not lost. If you read some of the posts there are a lot of people who, for one reason or another, fall off the wagon so to speak..but then pick themselves back up again. It can be done so don't get too down on yourself.

Perhaps you need to re-evaluate the reasons why you want/need to lose weight and take pride in what you've achieved so far. You did lose that stone....so you can do it...it's not beyond your capabilities. If you don't want to start on the medication again then that is an informed choice you've made in consultation with your GP.

Getting back on plan and using the losses which you will no doubt achieve will be a reward in itself...no smoking...healthier eating...you've already started on that journey. That is something you can do.

Just remember...as you step off the scales you step into next weeks weight loss. You can do it Claire. Take yourself in hand but don't beat yourself up about it. Tomorrow is another day.

Good luck... :)

Best thing to do is do the same things you did when you were losing...it worked remember!!


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Can i just say, the fact you have given up smoking & are coming off your AD's to me says you HAVE got a grip already. Okay, so you've eaten too much for a bit & gaines the weight you had lost, but you aren't heavier than before - thats important. Seriously, giving up smoking, coping with depression & trying to lose weight all at once? That requires some serious serious willpower. Frankly, if anything was going to slide, I'm glad it was the food, as the other two are more important hun x


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Just keep at it pet, so what if you don't lose for a while... its a massive battle you are facing with 3 big problems, as well as the hubby having problems too. Just keep trying, get past christmas and then push at it full steam ahead.

I was talking to a few ladies on facebook last night and all of us agreed at how hard it is to diet at this time of the year, and that's without any major problems in our lives!!


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hannata said:
I was talking to a few ladies on facebook last night and all of us agreed at how hard it is to diet at this time of the year, and that's without any major problems in our lives!!

I agree with Hannata^
This is this most stressful time of year and you're doing so well coming off the ciggies and ADs! Fair play to ya! If you're finding it all too much, why not maintain for a while until you've been able to deal with your hubby's redundancy, (which I have to say is a CRAPPY thing to do rt before Christmas.)
I know a lot of people who have committed to maintaining through Dec to take the pressure off a bit. Then just pick a date as your starting again date. As far as I know my C even lets us have free weeks if we chose to maintain.
I hope things start to look up for ya though.

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Cheers guys you are really wonderful! Some times it's just a boost to get replies like yours thank you so much.
I try and keep up beat with hubbie because I know he is feeling the pressure right now, and I am close to my mum but she doesn't know about the AD's and she worries about hubbies job and how we will cope financially. My best friend is great but I don't want to be moaning every time I see her I'd rather talk about things that's going to take my mind off it. Just to let you know since weigh in I have stuck to plan and although I have been stuffing my face it's with the right stuff , I've been to see my 5 yr olds school play tonight and I even resisted deep filled mince pies and Christmas cake, my MIL sat at a table where they were all just sat on their plates calling my name and taunting me lol came home rather pleased with my self. Anyway guys before this turns into another ramble on, I just want to say thanx again. Xxx