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a new journey ~ remember why i am doing this !

I'm allready on this site under another name, but i'm so embarrased about the state i've gotten into that i've joined under a different name.
I lost quite a bit on CD but have put on 20lbs :eek:. As of Tues when school restarts i am going to use up the last of my CD packs & then move onto Slimfast ( i can't afford CD any more so i think SF is the next best affordable option)
I want to lose about 2 1/2 stone.
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Ancient Egypt Nut!
C: 18st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.9
Welcome Muffin Top :D

I'm sure you will chop off that 20lbs in no time hun and don't feel too embarassed about it as we've all been there at some time or another:)

Lacey :D
not long had my "last supper" ~ Roast Pork, jacket potato, cauli & broccoli & now enjoying a nice glass of Pinot Grigio. The bottle will last me tonight & tommorrow, ready for a nice clean slate on Tuesday. I plan to recomence the water increase tommorrow too & try to eat sensibly
Muffin Top, you dont need to be embarrassed about putting some back on, but I can understand why you feel that way, I too am struggling a bit and have gone up since getting to goal, as of tomorrow I am on 790 for 2 weeks and then going up the plans.

Youll be fine hun, we can do it x
ok so its day 1 !
the girls have both gone back to school today, eldest one her 1st day at senior school.
now i can get back into a routine yah !!
1/2 litre water gone & just having my 1st pack ~vanilla made into a coffee, yummy.
i never thought i'd see the day i was back on packs, thought i would be able to control myself with food, oh how wrong i was :eek:.
i hope this will be a lesson learnt tho.
i'm really hungry, i'd love a bowl of cereal but it isn't going to help me at all, so whats the point ??
funny thing is, my next door neighbour got back from an 11 week holiday to Aus yesterday & when i saw her this morning she said "you're still looking good, how much more have you lost" & i had to admit to putting a bit on. It was nice that she hadn't noticed as she's such a slim thing (8)
oh well off to do some jobs & get some more water down my neck !
i've nearly had 1 1/2 litres water now & 1 pack.
Just been to the local shopping centre & got my 3 for 2 tubs of Slimfast & sucumbed to a Slimfast snack bar, which i shaln't beet myself up over cos when i finish my packs & move onto SF thats allowed.
Feeling quite hungry at the mo & to honest surprised i'm getting much done what with all the trips to the loo, oh well :rolleyes:
& i was doing so well ........................
got stressed out when the girls got home from school. DD2 is off on aresedential trip this am & the packing all seemed to go wrong, i couldn't find what i needed & had to go to the shops for supplies & i'm affraid i devoured a family size bag of wine gums boo hoo.
i then felt so stuffed i didn't have my planned meal & i only managed 2 litres of water in the end.
its now 04.40 & i've not long had a vanilla shake, no1 of today, need to get glugging & hope i have a better day today !
need to remember why

i am doing this.
its mental as well as physical.
the obvious reasons,
1 ~ to be healthier,
2 ~ to look better,
3 ~ to buy nice clothes,
the less obvious,
1 ~ to get my BMI to 28 & train as a CDC
1 ~ to get off nights
2 ~ to cut my hours back
3 ~ to get away from anoying work colleagues (not all of them but a specific few)
4 ~ to get away from confused patients who don't do as they are told & make extra work for me to do (can you tell i'm having a bad shift)
in essence
i have had enough, i'm tired of it all & my patience is wearing thin.
i have wanted to do something different for a while & my old CDC still wants to put me forward for this so i need to get my Ass in gear & sort my self out
Rant over, but definitely things to keep in mind when i want to mindlessly eat even when i am not hungry.
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