A new me....one day!


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Well I finally did it. After talking about
restarting CD I finally rejoined last night. I didn't even want to hear what weight I was as I was so unhappy with myself. I've asked to see my weight in 4 weeks, by then I'll have lost some weight and feel happier. I have loads and loads to lose but will just take it one week at a time. I used CD 18 months ago and lost loads so know I can do it again.

I've managed my breakfast and lunch shakes and so far have drunk 1 1/2 litres of water, will get more down me later! I'll also get one of those nice target things I see on posts.
Hiya Salsalass,

You can do it, you know you can. We're all here for you, encouraging you and willing you on :)
Hi Salsalass,

I thought that was a very good idea of waiting for four weeks before finding out how you have done weight wise!

Wishing you success on your weight loss journey, you Will find further information under Technical Forum Support section at the bottom of the front page, that is the one with all the names of all the forums on it.

Anything we can help with be sure to ask.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Salsalass, welcome to the boards & good luck on your CD journey:)

Good luck on your journey. We'll be here cheering you on:D
Welcome to the forum.
Good luck with your weight loss! I am also a CD restarter, so we can go on our weight loss journey together!
Hi Salsalass, good luck with your new life! You can do it and we can all help.

Like the idea of waiting 4 weeks to find out how you are doing, it's bound to be really good. Let us know how you are doing, it really helps posting on here.
Hey Hun....

Glad you made it....and remember I'm here for you and so is everyone else on here!!! :)
All the luck ever hun, you will be smashing, look forward to seeing your tracker go down
Wow, what a lovely response, thank you.

Well I survived my first day :)

I've drunk 3 litres of water, which considering until yesterday I only drank one glass of, isn't bad. The shakes were ok, had banana, strawberry and then chocolate. Have a headache coming on but I know that's because my body is craving carbs and caffeine at the moment. That should stop in a couple of days. I'm extremely tired so will go to bed early.

I've created a ticker thingy. As I don't know my weight I have guessed how much I need to lose. I'll adjust it in 4 weeks when I know what I've managed to do.

Will post ever few days or when anything exciting happens lol Thank you for all your lovely comments.

OMG what a headache I have. It woke me at 3 a.m. this morning and hasn't shifted yet. I've taken some pain killers so hopefully they will kick in soon. I'd forgotten what withdrawal was like.

Feeling very tired but then I suppose that's usual in the early days.

Right, off to have my banana shake, yum yum lol
Hi Hun

Drink loads of water and take some paracetamol every 4 hours until the headache subsides. Dont do too much in the way of excercise for the first 5-10 days as your body is just getting used to carb withdrawal.

If you are craving caffiene and it will help make it easier have a black tea or coffee. I have one every morning (helps keep me regular!) I have been recomended to continue drinking coffee as there is bowel cancer and altzeimers in my family and there is something in coffee that helps protect against it.

Hi Salsalass - I hope your headache has eased off a bit now - it's horrid, isn't it! But in a couple of days, you will feel fantastic and be well on your way to skinny-ville!!!!

Hi there,

Being a bit further along on my journey than you I know that the first bit of the diet is worst but that it does soon pass and you settle into a routine that cuts through the days. :)

After that first few days of settling in and getting over the physical discomfort of carb withdrawal although you will still have tough times you will also have a bit of experience behing you then to know that the next day will be a bearable or even a good one. ;)

It is how you deal with the smaller proportion of difficult days that dictates how you will do on the diet. :)

I wish you all the best for your journey and you can always turn to the forum when you need a bit of help, distraction or want to share the tips and hints that you will pick up along the way. :D
Well it's the end of day 2 and I'm still on CD lol

My headache actually got worse, so bad that I had to leave work at lunchtime, take a couple of migralieve and go to bed. I woke 2 hours later feeling much better.

Funnily enough today has been easier than I thought it was going to be, even after the headache. I haven't managed as much water but I think that was because I'd been in bed! I'll make sure I top up with more tomorrow. I feel very tired and will go to bed early tonight.

Mentally I am prepared for a long slog and reading all the entries on here certainly helps. I know these first few days will be hard as my body will be going through a detox program but I'll get there :)