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A new me

Today I am starting Lighter Life Total. It's a huge investment for me and I'm feeling really positive. So far today I have had 2 out of my 4 packs and am hoping to wait until 3pm to have the 3rd. Then the last one around 7pm. Any advice welcome on how to stave off the hunger pans these first few days...
I'm drinking lots of water and have had a cup of peppermint tea, Maybe its time for another.
Am really happy I have found this forum!
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Hello and Welcome!

I found day 3 the worst, felt lathargic and headacy but once your in ketosis its fine.

Keep drinking your water hun. Very important

What helps me is splitting a vanilla pack and using it as milk in my coffee. Vanilla coffe is fab. I have one half of the pack with my coffee in the morning and then the other in the afternoon, really gets me through the day. All I do is pop half the V pack in just under 100ml and shake it up, then pour into black coffee. Keep the other half in the pack folded up until your ready to use again. Dont mix it all up and use throughout the day as you'll lose the nutrients and vitamins.

Or the broth is nice too, you can have 2 sachets a day. Other than that its extreme willpower but once you see the huge losses there's nothing more motivating.

The ladies on this forum are great and very supportive

Good luck and keep us posted on your 1st week



Tough But Sexy X
Hello and welcome!

You will soon realise this will be the best diet you have ever done. (If you dont know that already)

The first few days can be difficult, I sailed through them and had no real side effects.

I usually space out my packs 8am, 12noon, 4pm & 8pm I then have 1 litre a water in between the packs and also split one of my vanilla packs occasionally to have an afternoon coffee with it in as I cant drink it black.

Keep yourself busy, have a nice hot bath later, as the evenings are usually the hardest for some of us.

The best advice I can give you is that this forum is a life line its full of many inspirational people and will always have some advice and guidance if you are having down days or wobbles.

This has been the most amazing journey ever for me, even though I have a long way to go but I want to wish you all the luck on your journey xx
Thanks guys

Thank you so much for your replies guys! You're so inspirational! Yetserday was OK although I did go to bed with a headache. This morning I woke up with the same headache and I feel pretty weak. My 15 minute walk into work (up a hill) was interesting/hard. Sweating like a pig is an understatement!

Onwards and upwards - on the plus side I don't feel hungry. I don't drink coffee unfortunatley. I've started drinking peppermint tea which really relaxes me.

My boyfriend has no idea I'm doing this diet yet as he is on holiday in Cuba. I'm pretty nervous about discussing it with him... hope he is supportive.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I'm helping a friend move house so will be kept extra busy.

Thanks again for your support lovely ladies. Will keep you posted on my thoughts/feelings and hopefully achievements.

x x


Tough But Sexy X
It does get easier honestly! Just make sure you keep sipping water it really helps.

I am sure your bf will support you

Good luck xx

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Hey Nat! welcome u are on the best diet!!! works amazingly and the results will show you that! xx
Evening ladies. Thanks again for the lovely welcome and support.

This evening has been fine actually. Took your advice when I got in from work I took a long hot shower. Then I tried the curry food pack. It was ok really and it filled me up.

So now am heading to bed. I think early nights really help. Let's hope I start getting into Ketosis tomorrow. Cant wait to start feeling good. Hopefully back to the gym Monday. Not gonna beat myself up if I don't have the energy. One thing at a time!

Have great evenings - catch up with you all soon x x
welcome and good luck!! it really is an amazing group on here x
Hello ladies! Well today has been tough. Both emotionally and regarding the diet.

Today I helped on of my best friends move out of the flat she shares with her now ex. It was really sad and very emotional. We all lived together a few years ago so I'm pretty close to them. Anyway we got her in the new place an she seems ok - on the surface.

Personally it was exhausting. Moving heavy furniture on 250 calories is a huge challenge. There is no way I could have done it yesterday. Does it mean I'm in Ketosis yet? I gel awful Friday and not so bad today... Maybe it's just because it's Sat that I don't feel as rubbish.

The most testing part of the day has been the last hour. OMG Roxy just bought fish and chips. Thank god I had my food packs with me and my peppermint tea. I had a veggie soup pack which was also yummy. Now settling down with a peppermint tea! I am truly motivated not to break this diet.

Only 3 more sleeps and my boyf is back from Cuba. I'm counting down the minutes. I see him Tue night 1 night before weigh on. Hope I have lost and he can tell.

Speak soon x x


Tough But Sexy X
Hey well done for sticking to it today with the heavy lifting and the food temptations.

It does get easier, good luck tuesday, I weigh then too. I am sure your b/f will be excited to see you either way xx
A new week and my first weigh in

Morning all, today is the start of day 5. I'm feeling good - the walk into work is getting slightly easier but is still pretty tiring. I think I'm defo in Ketosis now. My mouth tastes weird! I'm gonna get some mouth wash after work and keep it in my bag.

Yesterday was pretty easy considering. I spent the morning cleaning and doing a spot of DIY. Then I did a bit of work in the afternoon. I only have today and tomorrow in the office and then I'm off until 3rd May.

I've brought two food packs into work rather than 3. I will have one at 9am and one at 2pm. Then when I get home I will have one about 6.30pm and the other for super about 9pm. I couldn't face the porridge this morning so decided to have it for super instead. I'm gonna try and swap it from next weeks packs as it's not the best. I'm in love with the shakes! They taste so yummy.

My boyf gets back tomorrow - really excited to see him! I did my fake tan last night so that I don't look so pasty next to him - te he! He says he has put on weight. When he brings that up again I will drop into the conversation about me doing LL. I'm sure he will be fine about it. He used to be a lot bigger (before he met me) and he lost the weight running and eating healthily. He's really good with food and works out loads. Hopefully when I lose a bit of weight we can work out together.

So the next two days will be full on whilst I hand over my work load. Hopefully that will keep my brain busy and I wont even think about the diet.

Thanks again for your support and replies. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Natalie x x


Tough But Sexy X
Aw glad you had a good weekend. It sounds like your in ketosis with the weird taste on your mouth!

I too am a shake girl, not keen on anything else I have a few bars a week for when i am away with work but I'm not that fond of them.

I have just had a week off, I have 3 days working from home and 1 day out at a meeting then I too will be off until the 3 rd just hope I don't struggle with all ghat time off lol x

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No pain, no gain
Quote:Morning all, today is the start of day 5. I'm feeling good - the walk into work is getting slightly easier but is still pretty tiring. I think I'm defo in Ketosis now. My mouth tastes weird! I'm gonna get some mouth wash after work and keep it in my bag:Quote

Hiya hunni.

Well done for reaching day 5 and for getting into ketosis. When u buy mouthwash check the ingredients because some of them contain alcohol and can affect ketosis. Good luck for your first WI. Xxxxxx
ditto with the nasty taste, iv been using a breath spray, easier to carry around than a bottle of mouth wash :) x


Tough But Sexy X
Ladies just a word of warning some mouth sprays have alcohol in them, i made that mistake lol xx

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Hello ladies! Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the 4 day wknd! I'm on day two of my holidays. Yesterday I had my first weigh in and lost 9.9lbs!! I'm shocked. I was hoping for 7 so 9.9 blew me away.

It really spurs you on to continue doesn't it?! I'm amazed.

Seeing my boyf again after 2 weeks was amazing. I told him all about the plan and he was totally cool about it! He is so amazing.

I tried the bars for the first time last night. The cranberry bar is so tasty! Have decided I will have one before every gym session.

Yesterday I went Easter egg shopping. I had to buy my niece and nephew an egg. I didn't find it difficult at all.

Hope everyone is well?

Natalie x x


Tough But Sexy X
Hey Nat, absolutely fabulous weightloss and yes it certainly does spur you on, dont forget to up0date your stats there is nothing nicer than seeing your numbers go down and the % lost going up!!

So pleased your bf is behind you with this plan.

I too went easter egg shopping yesterday it didnt bother me at all either, in fact I was given some thorntons when I first started and they are sitting and waiting for me to finish this plan. The test will be can I just have an individual chocolate rather than trough the box lol (sorry for the food talk its hard not to when things like easter come around) the only thing that annoyed me was that they cost me £40 arghhhh!

Have a lovely day and enjoy your time off. xx