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A new me :-)

Well hello there you lovely lot. im brand new to this site. Infact i only joined today, and a lovely member told me that starting a diary would be a good starting point and a usefull tool.
I have 115lbs to loose, so alot lol. Ive lost a few pounds already but have been ill and fallen off the wagon the last few days so will be officially starting again on monday.
Hope all of you going through the same change in lifestyle are doing well, and im looking forward to getting some support x
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Heya. Keeping a diary has been useful for me actually. First to sort out my head at the time when I realise some of my issues with food and also to look back on it to see how far I have come since I started! It is so useful for staying on track for me. So glad I have kept one.

Good luck for your journey :)
Thankyou bostik, this time something has just clicked in my head and i know im gonna do it !
I cant wait to be a few months in and be able to reas back through my food diary, thoughts and feelings x
ok so day 1 and im feeling positive, ive planned out what im going to eat today so that i dont have to think about it to much.

Breakfast will be a cup of tea with 1 sugar and a bowl of tescos special flakes.

Lunch will be my grannys homemade chicken soup with 1 slice of bread and low fat marge.

Dinner will be a ww lasagne and a bag of tescos micro steamed veg.

Although this only adds up to less than 900kcals and im supposed to be taking in 1510 according to mfp, it allows me room for snacks.
Im off to college at 12.30 and dont finish till 7 tonight and im training to be a chef, the good think is that were not actually allowed to eat the food we prepare unless we pay for it, and im skint so thats not gonna happen lol.
Will check in tonight if there was any changes and to add my snacks, ooooh this feels oddly theraputic.
Hope everyone has a great day much love x
Ooh that's lucky! What happens to all the food you make then if you're not buying it?
Hi and welcome to CCing.

CCing is the first eating plan I have been able to stick to and not feel suffocated or cheated of anything. If you stay focused you will have great success, and it sounds like you are really ready to start this "journey" (gringe!)

If things start to feel difficult or you start to struggle, minimins is an absolute godsend. I have made some fantastic friends on here.

I could really do with some of Grannys homemade chicken soup right now, hope it was a delicious as it sounds? :)
We actually train in a working restaurant that is open to the public so iy doesnt get wasted bostik.
And yes squeezywheezy it was immense, i do love my grannys cooking. She always uses fresh ingredients and nothing i make ever compares lol x
ok so, today didnt quite go as planned in the food department.
I did have my special flakes for brekky n my soup for lunch, so far so good untill the dreaded lunch time, theres a mcdonalds opposite college and its quite hard to resist temptation if im honest coz everyone gets a mcdeez on their break. so i had a cheeseburger happy meal :-( and instead of a ww lasagne with veg for dinner i had a small cheese n beans jacket potatoe and then i had a cup of tea with 3 chocolate digestives. im naughty i know because reading that back im like woah lol but i did also do alot of walking today so im hoping that will help a bit. According to mfp i had a total of 1711 so higher than i would have liked but not totally out of control. Tommarow is a new day and a clean start !
It's okay :) Just get right back on track as soon as! I'm not sure myself as I have never got one, but apparently the fairly new wraps mcdonalds do aren't so bad in calories. Again, I haven't checked myself so dunno for sure, but might be something to look at if that temptation is constantly there!

Also that is so cool. I could never be a chef or anything. When I randomly bake or cook at home, I am always picking at it! My diet would go out the window!
oooh i'll have a butchers on their website, i know that mcdeez are printing the calories on there signs now but its in really really small print and u cnt actually read it from any distance lol.

So today im having a cup of tea with one sugar and a herbalife shake for brekky.

Lunch will be either soup at college minus the cream and croutons :-(
Or the ww lasagne i didnt eat last night.

And then i might have a ww sausage and mash fridge meal for dinner.

Thats the plan, im gonna really try and stick to it today and make up for my naughties yesterday.
i was doing so well, its such a shame i fell of the wagon coz im really struggling to get back on track.
I have a few hours free when i get back from college before i have to get the kids so im gonna stick a fitness dvd on and try to keep up with davina lol, x
I nearly died of shock when I went into a McDonalds last week and saw the calorie content on everything!! It had been a while since I had last been tempted!

I absolutley love cooking, especially baking, but I'm not sure if I could do it professionally. It seems like very, very hard work. Great satisfaction I'm sure, but hard work!!

You can do this hun, menu for today sounds great. xx
Good luck for staying on track :)
ok so today i had a herbalife shake for brekky 7am at, but it was a long day at college and i didnt actually manage to eat again until 7pm !!!
And when i did it was 6 chicken bites from the deli counter at tescos.
And when i got in i had a small bowl of chicken and salad and i really couldnt eat another thing, so strange. im actually thinking that i might have a thyroid problem or something, i get really tired so quickly sometimes and feel very lathargic. And one day i can stuff my face and the next i dont eat ? dont get it ............
Hmm dunno. Check it out at the doctors maybe? But I know if I'm really hungry and haven't eaten all day, when I eventually do eat, I can't eat much for some reason.
Yeah maybe my body just wasnt expecting it, strange though.
So im officially off college for half term now which means lots of cold days with nothing to do. I would have turned to food in the past but this time im going to try and find other things to do with my time, instead of meeting up with friends for lunch im gona see if they would like to wrap up warm and go for a walk to scrunch the leaves instead, im gonna take the kids swimming with my mum one day, and im thinking of making a huge vat of soup to have to hand for my lunches. I think the key to a success story is to plan in advance that way i wont be thinking about what im gonna be eating next. I want this to become a way of life and dont want to be thinking about numbers and carbs for the rest of my life.

Today i just had a cup of tea with milk n half a sugar
Im gonna have two weetabix with milk and dries fruit for breakky

Lunch will be the left over chicken from yesterday but im gonna have it with veg instead of salad as im freezing lol

And im thinking i might finally use that ww lasagne for dinner.
And when the kids are asleep for the afternoon nap im gonna make myself warm by sticking my davina fitness dvd on x
Sounds like a great plan!
haha it hasnt panned out that way though ! i had a herbalife shake for brekky and for lunch i had a snack wrap from mcdonalds but it was only 350 kcals so im not gonna shoot myself for it. i think im gonna have a ww soup with some nimble bread in a bit and the lasagne later x
350cals ain't bad!
BLAAAAH today has been poo, i didnt have breakfast but i did have a pack of rib n saucy nik naks and then went to a friends house and we made one of thise puff pastry things with cheese and ham and had that with salad.

im starving now but trying not to eat anything because i dont wanna go over my cals :-(