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a new start


Taking the Scenic Route..
Good luck hun!
Im attempting a new start tomo also.



Still Climbing That Hill!
Good luck.
hi everyone starting exante hopefully tomarrow if it arrives.reading everones posts and feel very motivated.lost 4 stone on ll put it all back on soon after.
This aspect really worries me as my hubby has so far lost 3 stones on LL (with 2 to go) and I am on Exante.
So many people seem to put it back on again quite quickly afterwards that it worries me that this is due to the VLC aspect of the diet. Does anyone know if this is the case? How do we let ourselves do this when it is such hard work (and expensive) to lose it in the first place? :confused: We need some advice from those who have lost and kept it off for over one year to help us stay on the straight and narrow once the VLCD is over.

Good luck Nicola with the loss this time and with long term maintenance :D


Rebel without a calorie
It's nothing to do with how we lost the weight. It's simply that you go back to old habits. I lost 5 stone with LL 6 years ago. I didn't do LL maintenance as I begrudged paying the useless counsellor any more money. Then I had some life changing events and spent 5 years regaining it. This time I have done lots of research. I know I need to change my eating to suit my body. One single diet that works for everyone is nonsense, especially if you have other conditions. If you're lucky enough to find something that works for you then you can keep the weight off. I've been banging on about this to my OH for the past couple of weeks and am actually starting to irritate myself now lol.
i was hoping to start on exante shakes today, but then i realised its a holiday so it'll be tomorrow before they arrive. never mind. i've got some cambridge packs to work away on :) good luck honey x
I think I would have kept the weight off if I hadn't become pregnant, I think this time I will maintain my weight through watching the carbs, having odd fasting days or the Juddd diet. I should have learnt after all these years that my body is better fuelled by meat and veg, but I always go back to bread, sugar and potatoes and the weight piles on. As soon as I drop those items the weight falls off again. I hope to have learned this time
My friend just lost 5 stone on CD. She has maintained now for about 6 months. She eats a very healthy diet thru the week allowinf herself a treat of a takeaway at the weekend. She drinks a lot still and exercises still. Its not a quick fix....she has had t change her lifestyle completely....but shes much happy and healthier for it. x
As everyone has said, 3 shakes a day doesn't tell you anything about high density, low fat/calorie foods. People doing slimming world or weight watchers spend the whole time they are losing weight learning what foods they should or should not eat and what kinds of foods work for them.
I know that pasta and spuds don't lead to weight loss for me despite the fact slimming world says I can eat unlimited amounts of both.
I'm going back to sw 7 pounds before I hit goal to get back into it. I know that this is a plan I can follow for life and the free weekly weigh ins once I get to goal will help keep me on track.
Good luck nicola2010 and frumpytosexy. I'm sure you will both do well.

As far as putting the weight back on after doing a VLCD, there is a myth that losing the weight quickly means you will put it back on quickly and there is nothing you can do about it. People who suggest this really have no idea what they are talking about. Ignore them.

You can lose weight on any diet, as long as you stick to the plan. Once the weight is lost, there is one simple reason for putting it back on. Too many calories. That is the simple truth of it all.

If you work out how many calories per day that your body needs to maintain your weight and stick to that amount, it is impossible to put the weight back on. So search online for a BMR calculator, work out how many calories are right for you and stick to it.

We are all obviously going to go out and enjoy ourselves and most likely have way too many calories, but we have to counteract this by having less before or after, in order to maintain our weight.

Also, be a bit careful of any diet that doesn't calorie count and has "free" foods. As great as Slimming World is for many people, a lot tend to really believe they can eat as much of the free foods as they like. This really is not the case and it can be very easy to over-indulge and put weight on. Done sensibly, it will obviously be fine, but making sure you do not go over your BMR is the only sure way to maintain your weight.

Of all the VLCD's, I really do believe that Cambridge has the best way to move people from the VLCD stage back to a normal healthy diet. It really does help to re-program the brain about calories and portion sizes. I intend to return to Cambridge after 2 months on Exante, so that I can benefit from that, as Exante doesn’t seem as good in that respect. Anyone who is a little worried about what happens towards the end might want to consider doing the same.

That's just my thoughts anyway. Sorry for going on. :eek:
I didn't do LL maintenance as I begrudged paying the useless counsellor any more money.
But they've told my hubby that the meetings are free for life, its just the food packs you pay for?? So he thinks he can carry on going while he is introducing food even if he's no longer on LL products. Is that not right? :confused:

Good advice all round from everyone thanks, and FBS you talk good sense. I spent Friday night being lectured by a personal trainer friend who said you should only lose 2lb a month, as it will then take 1 month to put 1lb back on! Oh yes and all your muscle is being burned away! EH? :rolleyes: Yeah of course you want us to do that so that we keep coming to PT sessions at a zillion pounds a go for several years before we get to target! LOL!

We intend to do weekly weigh in's once we get to target and then to take action fast before any more than 7lb creeps on! We've also gone back to the gym so that we can eat more as we burn off more calories! And also will do Atkins for life plan or something similar so we can learn how to eat to maintain weight. Well that's the plan anyway. :)

S x
Unfortunately muscle loss is inevitable on a VLCD. You won't lose all of your muscle, but possibly up to 25% of it.

Resistance/weight training can help to maintain lean muscle mass on a LCD, but has proven to make little or no difference when on a VLCD.

Muscle can be built up after the weight loss, which is what I intended to do anyway.
Unfortunately muscle loss is inevitable on a VLCD. You won't lose all of your muscle, but possibly up to 25% of it.
Really! :eek: Well I never knew that was true. Crikey, my arms are weak enough already! :eek: It's good news that you can build it up again. I'd better keep going to the gym then!


Rebel without a calorie
But they've told my hubby that the meetings are free for life, its just the food packs you pay for?? So he thinks he can carry on going while he is introducing food even if he's no longer on LL products. Is that not right? :confused:
I only did the 100 days on abstinence and really couldn't afford to keep going. So I re-introduced food in the recommended way and lost another stone over the following month. The counsellor was insistent that it was her way or no way which meant paying for food packs which I didn't need as I was still losing on conventional food and changing to a different group at a time that I couldn't do.
My entire group had issues with this particular counsellor but we didn't feel we could complain as there wasn't another in the area at the time and some were already travelling 3/4 hour to get there. She also refused to discuss maintenance until you were actually on it meaning that to get her 'tools and tips' you had to keep going/paying.
Evening all ;) have to say that in my humble opinion this forum is as good as a counsellor .....if not better as it's here 24/7 for me...and I know that someone will respond. My LL group experience was nice as in the other people I met there and the whole 'all in the same boat' vibe was nice, but unfortunately the only vibe I got from the lady running it was one of empty your purses! :mad:
If I rang and was having a wobble I got an answer phone...and never a call back...but I guess the fact that I would be weighed there sometimes helped :eek:
I had to smile though when a few weeks ago I received a letter inviting me for a refresher course......it's as if they know you will return to bad form! so I guess I have to depend on myself and you lovely folk for that extra motivation and save my pennies this time around :)
I have read a bit of the research on this so hope this helps. My understanding is that you are no more likely to regain the weight having lost on a VLCD as any other weight loss programme. If we revert to our old habits then whichever diet we've done we'll regain the weight. The only rider I would suggest is that on a VLCD it seems to be important to re introduce foods gradually so your body can get used to the greater calorific intake - I have read one obesity specialist commenting on the effect of VLCD on metabolic rate this being suppressed for some time after VLCD hence no doubt the advice to introduce food gradually as reccommended in working back up the plans. That's my understanding anyway.I have always been able to get the weight off whichever way I've approached it it's the maintaining that I struggle with - that's why whilst I'm using Exante products I'm also incorporating some conventional foods in the hope of finding balance (appreciate my losses will be slower but if I maintain better will be happy) ( Although am also doing this on advice as breastfeeding ) goodluck
Thanks for the responses. That's terrible Lisa, so much for lifelong support eh! At the end of the day I guess its a business and they just really want your money :rolleyes:

S x
Good luck Nicola, it gets easier :)

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