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A new team anybody?


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So hi everyone

Hope u are all doing great!

So my official restart WI was today and my restart starts tomorrow planning to do ss or ss+ until end July for holiday

I know there's a few starters n restarters of late and a few holiday count downs going on so wanted to make a new team...,,

Any takers if so any ideas for team name and a common goal!!?!
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hi i would love to join your team,never joined one before but this time i need all the help i can :( ive been lurking around the board for weeks messing around with my restart but tomorrow is d day and im going for it.

good luck with your restart xx
Count me in! I think this will be my last re start now as I am fully in ketosis and have lasted longer than any of my other failed re starts lol
Can i join ,i restarted today going well so far ,can't wait for bed. How about beach bodys for a name?


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Hello, me too please. I'm on day 3 today, my hols is in 3 weeks but could try and talk hubby into another for a more common goal a little later?;)
Or just make it 2 weeks as a first group goal. If we all get 2 weeks under our belts then the world is our oyster and we could go on forever (or till we go on hols.)

Name ?


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Hi i would love to join a team ive never been on one before . Maybe we could have our goal as 100% for so many days??? Or a combined loss between us all by a certain date? X


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Ok Kool so what name we going with and we can start a thread in the team sub forum...... N how about common goals?

I quite like the idea of 2 weeks at 100% a of when though I don't start until tomorrow

Any common rewards ie I was thinking I may get a facial or massage for first full 4 weeks or first stone or something


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Can I join too please? I like the idea of 100% for 2 weeks, I have no idea on names tho sorry. As for treats I decided im gonna have any treatment I fancy e.g facial / manicure etc, for every stone I lose. I think it's gonna help me x
I think 100% for two weeks is good, i cant think of a name just now??! Why dont we start it from sunday or monday? Are we having a maximum number of people in our team ? X
I went for a lovely massage treatment when i got into ketotis when i'm halfway to goal i am going to have a rasual mud treatment followed my hot stones (my fav) - has anyone tried it? But i treat myself each week when ive completed a week! I still have to do the shopping each wk for the family so feel i have every right to get myself a little treat today is the start of wk 3 for me so i treated myself to some soap and glory moisturiser i really love their products x


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Shello9 - is is today day 1?
If so, shall we start the 2 weeks 100% from today as a first mini goal.
Sat 14th - Sat 28th?
Name is still and issue? What about flipflops as a probably fits all and does make you think of booked hols.
(Anyone with a better name, pls feel free to kick this one out
I like flipflops or sandybums that you suggested earlier. X


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Ok so all agreed on a common goal of 2 100% weeks? Let's make today day one then yeah?

I like either of those two names have a pol

All in favour if sandybuns???
All in favour if flip-flops??? :)

Not had my first shake yet trying to drag it out as long as possible (I'm hungover too!)

Good luck everyone

Oh yeah shall we have a maximum number? I'm lost..... How many do we have lol
My vote is for sandybums. I like that it makes me giggle. I'm happy for today to be the first day I think there's about 5 or 6 of us at the mo. I'm on day three and my stick went purple this morn so very happy.
Hope everyones ok and has a good day x
Second count I think 8 of us!! X


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Ok so i'l open a new thread in the teams subsection..... Come over :)
Can I join the team? I officially started today. Im going on a mini break in July and have a wedding to attend in september.
Of course. Shell09 has set up a thread on the CD teams bit 'team sandybums'. Good luck for day 1 I'm only on day 3 myself x

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