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A newbie!! :D

Hello, Ive been reading all your stories and you have all really inspired me ;)

I have been considering CD for a while now, i have been on weightwatchers since the dawn of time and if i have to count another point or weight another chicken breast i fear for my safety lol

im something of a food addict so the thought of not having to think about my next meal all the time really appeals to me but i have a few questions im hoping you can answer before i start...i do apologise for boring the noonies off ya :p

1. Do they taste like the LL shakes? i did LL for a grand total of 3 days and they were foul!!

2. Can you use the mix a mousse and the flavourings in the 1st week cuz i have a feeling that butterscotch mousse may save me lol

3. whats the best way to prepare myself because i had awful withdrawal last time i tried

4. whats the best way to avoid saggy skin, thats what im most frightened of!

and what do you do when times get rough?

thank you so much and i look foward to getting to know you all, im off to my gp 2moro to seek some advice and im gonna call a CDC 2moro also

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Hi Chuckie

Welcome to Minimins. I cant answer all of your questions but I'll do my best.

1) never tried LL, but the cambridge shakes are fab and plenty of flavours to choose from. You will definately need a blender but you can pick them up for a couple of quid at tesco or asda. There are also tetra's (ready made shakes) and soups and I think after two weeks you can have bars but only one a day.

2) I havent tried mixamouse yet, my cdc said I had to do two weeks first but not sure if thats the CD rules or if its her own rule.

3) they say the best way to prepare is to cut down your carbs for a couple of days before the diet. I did the opposite tho! I had fish and chips the night before i started (after being weighed though) as a sort of "last supper"

4) havent got to the saggy skin stage yet. I am also dreading it but its got to be better than being so overweight. Other threads I have read advise you to moisturise loads after your daily shower and they say that for every stone lost you should allow two months for the skin to shrink back.

When times get rough, drink more water or a black coffee, go for a bath or a walk, anything to distract yourself from food. And of course come on here for support and to encourage others.

Good Luck.
thanx for the quick reply!! im planning to pay for 4 weeks upfront so i have no excuse not to continue lol but i dont want to buy it all if they r going to be vile, i was hoping i could mix a mousse sooner, but ill have to invest in a bag of ice and make ice cream, just saw a recipe for black forest trifle....sounds interesting lol


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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
Im only really a newbie myself but if I can give you one piece of advice it would be to only get one weeks supply at a time. It will keep you on the straight and narrow knowing that your CDC will be weighing you each week. Your CDC is there to support you so take advantage of it.
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hey chuckie

hows ya?

I am half way thru my 3rd week now and im loving it!

I have managed 17 days without cheating and that is a first for me!!!!
I a last night at a work do, but i didint overeat and only drank lightly!
Normally i would have gorged and got pi$$ed!

Back on it today and i feel amazing!

Go for it!

I only used mix a mousse and flav after 2 weeks!

yes, beginning is a nightmare, day 6 was worse for me!

But am in on day 18 and feeling brilliant!

im really excited about it, the 1st 2 weeks is going to be so so so so so hard, but my other half is paying for it all cuz he has seen me stuggle for so long :D so this week im gonna stock up on breath spray paracetamol (these are ok right?) and a few good books, my sis has donated her gameboy for boredom. i also bought myself some bubbles from lush and fudge shampoo to pamper myself while everyone has their dinners etc
uve done fantastically :D what flavours do you recommend? x

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