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A newbie here...


Eat to live don't live to eat!
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Hi, I'm new to this site and forum, from the few posts I have read already it looks like a fantastic support group :)

To introduce myself, I am 27 years old, I have been married for 7 years and have 3 children age 9, 6 and 3 (almost 4) I managed to gain a size with each of my pregnancies and have never been able to lose the weight, largely because I love food and alcohol and my husband is such a good cook! I also snack a lot on sweets, crisps, chocolate etc instead of viewing them as a treat it used to feel like a right if you see what I mean?

I tried the herbalife diet about 3 years ago but didn't think much to the taste of the shakes, and because you only got 1 flavour it soon got boring and I gave up after a couple of months. I was prescribed xenical a year ago and although I had quick weight loss for a month or so, I was still drinking a fair bit of alcohol and hated the side effects in the toilet department! I've tried various other diets but have never had the staying power on them to lose weight properly and I then always go back up again.

A few weeks ago I noticed that a friend of mine was losing weight rapidly, I asked her what her secret was and she told me that she was on lighterlife, and that it cost her £66 per week! That was too much money for me to spend so I figured I couldn't do it. She got to her goal weight and soon afterwards told me that she had been told about the cambridge diet and that it was virtually half the cost of lighterlife so of course I looked it up and immediately rang my local counsellor. 1 week later on 12 June I started on sole source.

My first week I lost 10lbs and was feeling very proud of myself, not only had I shed lots of weight I had managed to stop snacking and hadn't drunk alcohol for over a week. Today was my second weigh in and though I had completely stuck to the programme 100%, I wasn't expecting to lose that much, imagine my shock when I stepped on the scales to reveal another 10lbs loss!!!

I am now spurred on and feel like I can do this, however, I have had my down days like yesterday when I really really wanted to eat something and although my husband is being extremely supportive, I needed some extra support from people who are going thru the same as me, so I decided to try and find some cambridge support on the internet and I found this site... :D

Thanks for reading and I hope to get to know you and join in on here as much as I can.

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Mad as a Hatter
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Congratulations on all the good work so far - great results...

Now that you know it works, you should be motivated to stick it out - it's not forever - especially at the rate you are going !!!



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Hi Twinkle

20lb!!!!!!!!! that's BRILL!!!!!!!!!

i wish you all the luck xxxx
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hi im paula great losses so far keep up the good work xx


Eat to live don't live to eat!
S: 16st4lb C: 14st10lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 1st8lb(9.65%)
Thanks for the replies, I do feel motivated but a little scared because I have a friends 40th birthday party coming up then a visit to family which usually results in copious amounts of alcohol and large meals/takeaways! Not sure how I will cope with that but I am determined to be slim for my holiday in 10 weeks!
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Welcome twinkle, fab losses, and you sound very motivated x


loving life
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Hi, good luck with your cd journey, you have made a fantatstic start so keep that in mind when the 40th party comes up and you will feel a great sense of acievement once you have got through your first social event that you usually would have done the drink and food thing at, Once you get through it once it's a breeze. Good Luck Zoe xx
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Well done for startinbg your new weight loss journey, 20lb in 2 weeks is amazing, good luck for next week!


Cambridge Consultant
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Hey Twinkle
Just wanted to wish you good luck on your journey.. you are doing so well already.. 20 lbs in 2 weeks in unreal.. Well done you!!!
Heres to another fab week ahead.... x

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