A newbie with a Q about Counsellors


Hi Everyone,

I've read soooo many good things about the CD and find loads of your stories very inspirational! I'm seriously considering trying this plan!

One question I have is about meeting with your Counsellor. Is this something that happens weekly?? If so do you HAVE to see someone weekly (I stopped going to weight watchers because I don't drive and husband works shift so find it very hard to attend meetings)

I'm concerned that I won't be able to attend such meetings but I can't really find any informations about any meetings or anything of the sorts.

Can anyone give me any help with this??

Hi Bloss and welcome

No, you don't have to see your CDC weekly, but you should see them a minimin of once a month. Your CDC can sell you up to four weeks supply at any one time.

Hope that helps :)
Thanks for your quick reply! I'd definately like to see the counsellor at least once a month anyway, could even do every fortnight, just can't commit to weekly. Now that I know I don't have to se weekly, it's definately made my decision to join the plan easier. I just can't wait to get started now!
Basically your arrangement with your CDC is to suit the two of you. And obviously email, forums, texting, etc make for lots of difference ways of gaining support :D
Good luck Bloss with your weight loss jouney!!!

When you thinking of starting?

Love Mini xxx
Fortnightly classes would really help me too.

I also have a hubby on shifts, a full time job and a one year old to fit round.

Now I know this I am definately starting. Have emailed my counsellor and hope for a quick reply :)

How quickly would they normally contact you?
Whenever you start Bloss you;ll have your CDC and us to support you along the way! :) Good luck and let us know how you get on or, as DQ says, if you need any further help....
Each CDC works independently so it's difficult to say how quickly they will be in touch. I would say if you haven't heard by the weekend to give them a call and leave a message! :) But remember, Christmas is coming and everyone is running around a lot more than usual :)
Hi Lisaloo

All counsellors operate differently. However, it would not be unreasonable to expect a reply within 48 hours of sending your email...of course, sooner would be even better!! :)
lol I don't think I can wait that long.

Just wanna crack on with this diet :)

Fingers crossed it will be sooner rather than later.
When you have the fire in you to start, waiting can be agonizing and it is great to take advantage of the motivation your feeling.

Love Mini xxx
I've e-mailed my nearest counsellor and if possible I'd like to start right after Christmas or early into the new year, the sooner the better really, but I will wait until after Christmas day.

You are all so helpful, supportive and positive on this forum - it makes a very nice change!!!
thanks for the advice, I did read up a bit about that. At the moment I drink about 2L a day - but thats when I'm at work - I struggle when I'm at home. Will definately start upping it as from tomorrow though, I'm sure my bladder won't know whats hit it :)
Hiya bloss

just to wish you all the best on your cambridge journey. You said you want to start after chrismas or early in the new year. Maybe you could see your counsellor before then and get your packs just so you have them all ready to start in the new year...

well done too for finding such a great forum :D
Also be aware if you want to start diet then if you are on medication (apart from the pill) then it is more likely you will need Doctors signature on Medical Form to start or if your BMI is above 40. I have sent out quite a few forms and letters for Doctors as ladies are keen to start the beginning on New year and it gives them the chance to have all forms signed so there isnt a delay.