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A pet peeve outting me off my food!!


I will succeed!!!

I recently moved office and now sit in with a chap who is the sloppiest, nosiest eater and drinker in the world!!!

Now, this is a pet peeve of mine anyway but he's worse than anyone else I've ever known. He makes sloppy sounds when he eats, but he eats so slowly that the pain is dragged out. And when he drinks, he slurps but then makes a wet sound like 'mwet mwet mwet' after every drink!

It makes me feel sick and I often leave the room when he eats his breakfast. Today it put me off my cereal and I had to throw it away lol.

Petty on my part maybes but it's not hard to eat with mouth shut surely?
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Don't get me started. I am with you on this one. Noisy eating is one of my pet peeves as well. It absolutely turns my stomach. If I can hear someone I can't ignore it either...I can't just tune out of it!
Maybe he doesn't know he's that noisy? Can you start making 'jokey' (but serious) comments to not-so-subtly let him know what he's doing? Or...instigate a 'no eating at desks' rule?
My ex used to be like Halfwit on Big Brother and make low "Mmmm, mmmm..." noises whilst eating. God, it was VILE. My capacity to ignore men's faults is incredible, WHY DID I MARRY HIM? Or the first husband, come to that. Heh.
Oh god gross! Honestly things like this make me sick, I am soooo funny about watching/hearing other people eat yuck! xxx

Andy R.

Time for a change
Hahaha, take a stereo and blast out some slipknot just as he's about to start wolfing down his food. i work next to a guy who slams his mug down after ever sip, getting to the point of being annoying, oh and hes fallen asleep in the chair next to me, so i can be a mean as i want now lol
Urrrgh, i would say something to him. Like Hellie said, maybe on the line of a jokey comment at first and then if it doesnt improve make him aware he is putting you off your food.

There is a sweaty, hairy guy in my place who has a full Asda bag of food at lunch time consisting of sandwiches, crisps, yogurt, fruit, dairlylea snacks and chocolate bars. He eats everything one after another, doesnt stop for a break in between and he must have trouble breathing while he is ramming everything down his throat because he make a gurgling, stuffy, snuffly noise whilst he is troughing.

I've actually said to him ''Steady on, your going to choke yourself if you dont slow down'' and he has stopped but then he is at it again the day after.

I just sit as far away as possible from him in the canteen :jelous:
I sit in the same office as a guy who burps constantly all day, makes mmm mmm sounds after every bite of food or sip of drink, it really is disgusting. He also slams everything down and is generally just the noisiest person in the world. He drives me mad but we get on very well so i can just tell him to shut up, which is do quite often lol! x


Vegetarian who lives2eat
I would resort to putting in my ear plugs and listen to a bit of music whilst he puts on his nose bag, maybe he will notice and ask you why you always do it when he starts to eat. some men are just pigs,no manners, imagine what happens at home if he behaves like that in public, yuk
uuuurrrrgh how gross, that sounds discusting. It really does put you off your own food too. Does anyone else sit nearby? Surely the others notice too, you could maybe have a word with them and maybe see if you can decide something between yourselves, like to say no eating at desks, the trouble is with that though is its a pain for everyone else who likes to eat at their desk and doesn't eat like a pig.
I cant stand noisy eaters!!! My Dad and Brother are the worse culprits for this and when I lived at home I couldnt eat in the same room as them.
The minute my Hubby starts to do it (only when he has a cold thank goodness!) I tell him off as it brings back some memories I would rather forget!!!
I would definitely have a word with him...say something jokingly like "wow you must be really enjoying your food the amount of noise you're making!! Laugh with it and he shouldnt get offended!


I will succeed!!!
Glad I'm not alone in this pet peeve!

It's a 4 desk office (3 of us are the same team) and we all moved in the same time. I didn't say anything as I don't want to look like a b*tch, but someone else commented who was in once and since then we all said 'I agree!'.

Thing is, he's a really nice bloke! I think he's the type to get offended or upset too which is why not said anything.

I tried putting my ipod on for those times but only in one ear as the phone rings a lot etc - and like Hellie said, it's hard to tune out once you notice it! So if I can I escape asap once he starts eating - knowing our firm he or us will be moved again soon to another office so fingers crossed it'll be short lived :)
Ugh, vile! Thankfully I'm in an office with lovely ladies :D otherwise I'd be away from my desk a lot when other people are eating! We're so polite we even apologise for the accidental slurps from a coke can!!
OMG thank god im not the only one! my other pet hate is scraping knives and fawks on the plate, and when you can hear the knife or fawk clink against thier teeth, makes me cringe!

Joe slurps and when eating crisps eats them so loud it really does put me off. i dont know how iv put up with it for so long.. and maybe im being really petty here, but my mum constantly mmm's during food and closes her eyes like she's somewhere else! drives me insane LOL

*ooft* that was good to let that go!


I will succeed!!!
and when you can hear the knife or fawk clink against thier teeth, makes me cringe!


ME TOO! That tappy toothy sound! Gah!!! x
eurgh, i think its because my best fridn is a dental nurse and once years ago when i used to do it myself, she had a massive rant about the effects on my teeth from it, so have been very aware of it, and since now i pay attention to others that do it, and the noise is disgusting!

ooo.. i could go on forever lol. my mums mmm'ing really gets on my tits.. especially when she eats my fave foods with me, she makes it sound dirty! LOL yuck!
ooo.. i could go on forever lol. my mums mmm'ing really gets on my tits.. especially when she eats my fave foods with me, she makes it sound dirty! LOL yuck!

Ugh, sorry, it's not funny much!

I hate it when people (my OH and my mum do it!) constantly scrape their bowls with a spoon...it's like sheeesh leave the pattern on it will you!!
haha! agreed! My older sister does this, but shes preggers at the moment and acts likes shes carrying the spawn of the devil so i dont feel i can say anything at the mo! x
bowl/plate scraping gets on my nerves:mad:

hubby does it and i have been known to snatch the plate away when he is doing that. its either that or a head bang against the wall lol

people who are eating talking to me whilst they have food in their mouth. my blood pressure slowly goes up at that.

people who say they are only having a main course due to whatever reason yet take most of your starter and pudding!! paws off!!!
One of my pet hates is when my children make 'slapping' sounds when eating, usually when they are in a rush to get out to play, but my MAJOR hate is a girl in work blows her nose and then puts her tissue on the dinner table. It always makes me want to heave!

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