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a productive day!

to take my mind off being nervous about my first weigh in tomorrow, i finally got round to sorting out my fridge, freezer and food cupboard.

a whole bunch of stuff i bought before starting SW that i can't really eat now has been passed to my mum's freezer, my freezer is currently defrosting and my food cupboards are no longer overflowing with crap i have no intention of eating!

once my freezer has defrosted (it was well overdue!) i can move SW friendly food back into it and i'll have more space to do a proper food shop :)

not to mention the fact that my mum will stop nagging me about it! and i haven't thought about my weigh in all day... until now.
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What a really positive thing to do. You sound like you mean it.

Only thing is you mum is gonna get fat...LOL
LOL. well... we're all a bit overweight in my family, so that ship has probably sailed!! lol.

in all honesty, mum's struggling a bit financially at the moment and is of the opinion that eating things i don't want to eat is better than her and my brother not eating at all! (waste not, want not)

none of it is high fat anyway, as i was loosely doing weightwatchers before joining SW. it's just things like ready meals and meat and fish covered in breadcrumbs which i'm making an effort to avoid - trying to cook from scratch!

i'm determined to get back to my goal weight (got there with WW in October 2003) and would like to lose a stone before christmas :)

i'm such a lazy cook - it will be harder to give into temptation if the "easy" food is in mum's freezer instead of mine.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Good girl! I'm always going to run down my freezer, then I see BOGOFs and away I go again!
i went through my cupboards today aswell, didnt realise how much rubbish i had, now im only left the things i can eat on SW and a few cheeky little extras i can eat in tiny size as a treat mmmmmmmmm biscuits lol

99 % of things in my freezer are also now SW food. I even found the energy from somewhere things morning to make a mince casserole and froze for 2 dinners......defo can get into this batch cooking malarky :p

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