A question about Body Optimise and getting to target


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Well I am a long way off getting to target.

But just wondered if anyone knows, once you get to target through the body optimise site, do you still have to pay to use the site or do you get free access??

I know once I am at target I would still like access to the syn calculator etc for maintaining.

But it would be a bit costly to carry on paying to use the site for life.

Especially as I am presuming you no longer pay for group meetings once at target and get free access to lifeline online.
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I would think that like the SW groups you would get it free if you stay within the 3 pound limit, but it's a good question.
Why no e-mail SW to get clarification?


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apparantly you still have to pay as theres no proof that you are at target! seems really unfair since you are paying the same as members and still expected to fork out once at target esp since as I know you have no option of going to group in Canada lol!



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Yes, i think that's true - you would still need to pay fees even if at target. After all, anyone could say that they had reached their target and SW would have no way of checking or confirming whether this is the case and whether they stay there. It does seem unfair but I can't see any other way of organising it to overcome this problem.


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hmmmm that is a bit pants. There must be some way around it.

There is no way you could continue paying that for life. Would cost a fortune.

Maybe I will have to look into becoming a consultant and starting meetings in Canada once I reach target. Then hopefully I can do it that way :p.


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Yes, I'm afraid it is true, I did body optimise for a while a few years ago when I lived in USA and one of the reasons I gave up was the cost.
I found online just didn't motivate me enough and I was paying every month and not following the plan. When I realised I would be, in effect, paying forever even though I could have reached my target, I cancelled my subscribtion.