A question for CDCs please?


Got a life thank you!
OK I know this is really really cheeky but I am doing LL and intend to go into LL development and then into Management.

In an "ideal" world I would love to be able to continue on two packs a day and have a regular evening meal - mainly because I had terrible eating habits - skipping breakfast, eating crisps and chocolate for lunch and then having a huge evening meal because I was hungry.

I would love to think that my body is having two "proper" nutritional meals a day.

I was therefore wondering if a CDC would take me on afterwards and sell me packs to help me maintain?

As I said it is a cheeky question and also I KNOW I should try to maintain without the packs but am so loathe to give up the vitamins and minerals.


Yes you can use the Cambridge packs to maintain your new weight.

Just get in touch with a local counsellor --> 0800 161412 and explain what you want and they can supply you packs to maintain your weight with.

You will need to meet with them though and complete a medical record form and then you should be fine.

Oh that is fantastic, thanks Mike! I am a way off yet but this has been really bugging me (I like to worry about everything!!)
Hardly a way off yet!! You are banging on the door of being skinny!!