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A question for nurses/nursing staff??


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It can vary from hospital to hospital. I work in a private hospital and all the staff wear different coloured scrubs.

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It depends on the hospital but generally navy blue is sister/charge nurse and then the lighter the colour the lower the grade: in my trust qualified nurses wear royal blue and the healthcare assisitants wear sky blue.

That said, I work as a district nurse and have seen social services carers wearing noth navy and royal blue which really must confuse patients. I have also seen cleaners wearing navy.

I believe the rcn has a campaign at the moment to standardise the uniform colours wron by nursing staff.


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I'm a staff nurse in an intensive care unit, and we wear scrubs. Mainly blue or green, whatever is available in our linen room (not setting a very good example really-noone knows whether we're surgeons, anaesthetists, sisters, staff nurses,HCSWs or domestics) Our senior sister and charge nurse always wear navy scrubs though. In the main intensive care unit in our hospital (I'm cardiac) they ALL wear navy scrubs. As for the wards in our hospital the Sisters/charge nurses wear navy tunics/epilettes, the staff nurses wear royal blue tunics/epilettes and the health care support workers/(formally known as auxillaries) wear dark green tunics/epilettes. Student nurses wear white tunics with yellow epilettes. But as someone else said it varies from trust to trust.


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Each hospital Trust has it's own colour's for nurses and other staff of their hospitals.

But, each member of staff should wear a name badge with their name and 'rank' on it for all to see.

You could also ring your hospital's help line they should be able to answer your question for you.


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As said before it varies between trusts. I just about had kittens the other night watching a hospital based programme because someone wearing a green uniform was about to take blood from a patient and in my trust that would be a domestic!

General rule is navy uniform is charge nurse/sister, lighter blue staff nurse, and up here in Scotland Lavender for HCA's.

Here's a link to the plans set out by the scottish government to standardize the uniforms. I think it is already in some hospitals up here but will roll out nation wide here from Septembers and I think it will also happen south of the border too.

Scottish Government: Web page currently unavailable.


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Each member of staff should wear a name badge with their name and 'rank' on it for all to see.
The problem with us is that we forget to take our name badges off our scrubs and put them in the linen bag and never get them back- We have to keep reapplying for new name badges and I think they're getting annoyed with us!!!X

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