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A question for the ladies! (and any LLC!!)

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Hi All... (I apologise to any nosey blokes in advance who have read this thread!!)

I was 'diagnosed' with secondary amonorraa a few months ago (i cant spell but it basically means my periods are weird and elusive!)... My last period was in December 2006 and since then I have had nothing, including no pain too! :rolleyes:

ANYWAY... I've now been on LL for 4 weeks (almost) and I came on after my first week (after losing 11lbs) ... The first week of it was like a "normal" period, then after about 7 days it has now become irregular, like 1 day of bleeding, followed by very light, followed by nothing, then back to regular again.

I am confused... its been about 2 and a half weeks now... Is this going to last forever??!!! (some may say I should be happy 2 see a period after not seeing one for almost a year, but my god, I really haven't missed them!!)

Has anyone else had this??


Thanks in advance 4 responses!! xxx :cool:
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Hi Clare

I also sufferred from the return of extremely protracted periods whilst in the abstinence phase of the programme and was often "on" for 3 weeks out of 4. It was very annoying but apparently reasonably common. The hormones that govern your periods are stored in the fat between the waist and the knees and as you lose this weight quickly... it can send your hormone levels haywire! This can result in lighter or heavier periods and can also effect the duration too.
Sorry you are sufferring! I can tell you that I have pretty much returned to normal post abstinence - so it is a temporary thing.
Hope that helps
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Ooh I knew about the weird periods but I didn't know about the hormones being stored there...no wonder we all suffer!

Deb G

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Yep - true about the hormone storage. I rarely have them anyway - and on LL I have only had one and it lasted 2 days. Heaven! I hope it stays like this!
S: 24st0lb C: 24st0lb G: 18st0lb BMI: 43.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh wow... well im being checked out for my hormones atm (totally unrelated to LL!) so hope it doesnt effect test results and stuff!!!

Thanks for ur replies!! much appreciated :) xx

(I guess ill just have to look fwd 2 post abstinence!)
oh yes , i had the same, well i had a normal period then stopped for 2 days, then a mad rush which lasted 4 weeks and were very heavy, but my gp gave me some pills to stop them eventually,.. im still waiting to go back to normal. i mentioned it to the counsellor but she didnt really know why i was getting it...

Well, this is very interesting. You never know what you'll learn on this board! It's a bit worrying though. I had early menopause at about 42 (hooray!) but now I'm worrying the whole system might start cranking up again. Noooooooo!

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