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A Question from a new member please ?

I hope I am posting this in the right place first of all, and sorry if I am not, I am sure some one will put me right !
OK, I was a slimming world member at the beginning of the year, and did quite well but got sick and was in hospital...long story but I fell off the wagon and have just re-joined.
The format of the meeting now, is the leader with a little hand held device, asking for targets for next week etc....my previous meeting didnt include this at all, it was much more of the leader chatting and sharing tips/recipes and support.
Another friend of mine attends a different meeting, and hers too consists of quick chat around every member and setting next weeks target on the hand-held thingy !!!
So, my question is, is this a 'new format ' to 'Image Therapy' ? In honesty, it doesnt feel awfully helpful, or supportive and I much preferred the 'old way' with much more chat about coping strategies/recipes etc . I would previously leave the meeting feeling inspired and bouyant and frankly my current meeting is dull, boring and very un-inspirational. I want more for my money !
Can anyone tell me how their meeting pans out please ?
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Hi bab, I joined back to Slimming world after 6 years of falling off the wagon :p

The new format was good I thought the second week I was there as it was really good that the meetings moved on faster so we could talk about stuff and get our questions answered...

Penny our consultant is brilliant, makes you feel at ease and the meeting are always good starting at 9.30 and finishing at about 11.30 so in that time alot of topics and questions are covered....

Give it a little time to get use to it but it is worth it in the end i'm sure you will agree x


Loves Slimming world!!
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Didnt want to read and run!! Our meeting follows the same pattern as you described!! We all get spoken to about our losses or gain which i think is gd as some weeks u see the same people are struggling with the same things you were.
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My meeting follows a similar structure...weigh ins followed by the group leader going round the room congratulating people/asking where people think they went wrong...and then that weeks prizes and raffle...

I did SW back in 2009 and I have to say, I found the meetings much more inspiring and helpful back then but if I don't go I won't stick at it :-(
I've been with sw since oct 2011 and I stayed at the first meeting but found it boring and unhelpful so after that I just got weighed and left but this is second week in a row I've stayed the same so thought I should start staying for the meetings. I stay for the meeting today and there was only 7 of us that stayed the cm asked each of what we had lost/gained then she spent 5 mins saying what she's done with her children in the school hold and then it was over the whole meeting only lasted 15 mins max feel disappointed and doubt I will stay again :(
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Hi our lady has a hand-held thingy too, and goes around the group having a chat with everyone. She asks them if they're happy with their week's progress, what they could have done differently etc and then records how much there target is for the week. She also has a table on which she puts low syn products she has found and has started up a recipe book that people can contribute ideas too. She does a raffle and everyone brings a piece of fruit/veg which goes into a bowl and is won by the slimmer of the week. I think it must depend on who runs your group but I think my lady (Lisa) is very goodx good luck with yours! by the way can anyone tell me how to get the slimming world sticker on your profile (1/2 stone etc) as I'm fairly new and have no idea!!


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Ours is a big class, probably between 30 and 40 people stay after WI, but of course WI takes a while.
Sue usually starts by telling what the total gains and losses are for the week, then hands out the awards and then we usually discuss new products, new recipes. There is a lot of supportive chat not just from Sue but from all the other members. I have only been with SW for three weeks and I am amazed at how welcoming and including everyone is.

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