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A really bad day.

No loss this am on the scales. Awful day at work, not time for breakfast or lunch shakes. Missed my nurse appointment by 20mins and the only thing other the. Water that's gone in today is water and half a mattesons sausage (234cal no carbs) now I'm f**king miserable and feeling like going up and starting again tomo.

My ketose stix are dark purple but I still feel like ive really messed it all up what with the half mars bar the other day and today not eating properly coz I obnoxiously and deliberately don't eat because I havent lost weight. Even tho I did all the right things. And got extra exercise when I can :(

Waited around to see the nurse and now I'm even more miserable. Doesn't like Cambridge, waist size too big, I want to test you for heart disease and diabetes.

Arg!!!!! I just want to scream and cry.
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On a more positive note, blood pressure very normal.
Well done on the BP, and you can't beat yourself up over protein. I do the same as you don't eat because the scales didn't move, if I were you I would make sure I had a shake tonight and enjoy an extra one tomorrow to make sure you get the vitamins.

And stop beating yourself up you are doing so well xx
Thanks mama. X
The protein will be ok right?

Doc scales weighed me 5lbs heavier!!!!!!!!
Ok. Half a matteson sausage, a chicken breast, a cd soup, a chic mint shake and an Atkins chocolate bar.

How bad is it?????
Oh god I've cocked it all up!! Chucking the rest of my choc mint shake away.
((hugs)) grab some water, relax and really just get rid of the negative stuff and refocus xx
Don't panic! Most of what you ate was protein. Don't forget that you must eat enough each day or your losses will slow or stall. When you do without packs to compensate for slips you just lose valuable nutrition.

Stay calm, refocus on tomorrow. You'll be fine x
Thank you :( You dont think it was that bad? I dont think there was hardly any carb, just sh*t loads of calories.
Relax!! It will not do you any harm at all.
The best advice I can give you is to stop weighing yourself. I have done 6 days no weighing now and do you know what? It's better that way, you don't get downhearted if its not in your favour and when you break the habit you actually forget about it.

I sound like an alcoholic " Hi my names Jess, I'm a weigh-aholic and its been 6 days since my last weigh" xx
Lol. Hi I'm tara, and I have a problem. I'm a weighaholic!!!!!! An I need to stop!!

Baby steps!

Thanks jess! Xx
Breath woman or that BP will be up like a shot, NOTHING you ate was what anyone would class as naughty (no carb) so smile and think I have had a few more calories today BUT I'm still in ketosis and I'm not going to lose any muscle as protein love me. Plus think how much better you will do tomorrow xx
Thank you so much mama. I don't know what's up with me! Normally rational and sensible. Today major temper tantrum I guess. Yes. Tomo, infinitely better!!!!!! Xx
Feeling much better bf came last night to help talk it thru! Back on it, still in ketosis everything is ok. Looking at it. Binge wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. I guess I've learnt something!!!!! Have been well looked after and my minds back in it. Am in control and it's about what i can do. Not what I can't.
i'm just sitting down with a coffee WITH MILK, feeling guilty but it tastes oh so good after 4 weeks of water and only 2 coffees in that time.
Don't worry about what you ate, it wasn't too bad at all. Just drink plenty of water, get back up on that wagon and continue the good work.
I'm a weigh-aholic too. Every morning and just before bed, I just cant help it. Thought I had lost 4lbs last week but on CDCs scales it was only two. Hoping for 4 this week but who knows when I get there so i am going to ask my hubby to hide the batteries and (look forward) to a good result on a Monday.
I have found some of my clothes are far too big already so whilst we want the scales to go down, when they are slow the inches will still be disappearing.
Good luck on your journey
Tell me about it!! How much does your weight change thru the day?!? Mine fluctuate at least 4lbs normally. :(

Don't feel guilty about a splash of skimmed milk! I've been told by my CDC to carry on drinking tea with a splash of milk and not to worry about it ?yet any way) I still have a lot to loose and I don't think she could decide whether to put me on 3 or 4 pkts a day. So I'm on 3. And drink loads of water and 3/4 cuppas. Don't feel bad. Xxx
Oh maaan, I fell off the wagon, I weighed myself this morning!
Stoopid Stoopid Stoopid!

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