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A really hard day.....


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Well I have really had to use all my willpower today, it seemed like everywhere I looked there was food. All I have wanted was to eat something dammit! I don't know if I am just having a bad day or whether my emotions are running high but OMH today has to have been the hardest day for me yet :cry:and I have felt ready to give up a few times.....but still going strong and still here....I had great news, my mother is coming to visit me in December, have not seen her for two years and she is sick, will be awesome and so I have to stick to this as I want her to get off that plane and be totally surprised......when she sees me! So on and down we go......:D
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Awwwwwwww ive had a day like that today hun. Went in work and someone had baked my fav cake STICKY LEMON CAKE!!!! :( But i just looked at it and thought ohhh no i even had a sniff ha ha got a few strange looks :)


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There you go hun you just gave yourself all the encouragement you need! Well done for getting through today xxx
looks like your goal is sorted - she she aims, she kicks, she scores! Stick at it youll be fine. On a night when your struggling just go to bed.


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Well done huni.... you should be over the moon for not giving into temptation xx


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good for you fidgit, just stick at it and it will get easier, and what a goal to aim for were all behind you


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I hear ya fidgit, the person next to me in the office eats lunch an hour early and I have to sit beside him munching into sambos! So tough! I came home and my partner was eating dinner ..... I actually tried to grab a bite (shame on me) but thank god she refused :)

Proud of ya for staying clean though, give yourself a pat on the back


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Well done on resisting! You will be so glad you did at your weigh in. I had a bad day yesterday, but everyone here was great. So keep posting especially when you feel weak.


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Well done for NOT giving in !!!! next time dont let temptation wiggle its way into your head.. all the foods drinks etc will still be there when we finish ..no one is going to burn them all lol.. i tell myself..it may be for long..but not forever....by the time we are done we wont even want most stuff we craved early on xx

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