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A request for the moderators


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would it be possible to put the recipes into catogories as i find it hard to find some of the delicious recipes mentioned amongst all those pages. for example all the chicken ones together, all the vegetarian ones together, or is this too much work.

what do others think about this?

Sorry the title should read "A request FOR the moderators"
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Sorry to disagree but that would be so much extra work for the moderators. They already do so much by having to constantly move threads to the correct places, despite several requests from members to post in the correct sections!
Also can you imagine how many sections there would be, from beef, chicken, turkey, pork etc!
I suggest using the search tool. It works wonders! ;)


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It isn't a SW site, but I use Supercook quite alot for inspration. As my cupboards are 99.9% SW friendly, it's SW friendly recipes I get back from it!

A great little tool, that will remember what's in your larder for you...Supercook: recipe search by ingredients you have at home IDEAL for what to make with your onion & stock cube! lol


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I tend to agree that if folk, and it's not just the newbies, can't remember to keep syn value questions in the syn values forum then sub-dividing the forum even further probably won't work. The serach tool on here isn't the most user friendly but you can usually find what you want without too much trawling through the results.


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I find the search tool invaluable for all sorts of things on this Forum, and I only very rarely don't find what I am looking for, it should be used more I think.


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That website is awesome!
I personally think that would mean that you would end up missing out on lots of ideas - alot of recipes can be adapted anyway :)

Thanks for that link too - great site. I have just added it to my fav's :D


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I think Id cry or have a nervous breakdown if we had subforums like that!!!!
Yep Starlight just imagine....:cry:
Not only would you have to move topics from general SW to the various topics, as has clearly been asked so many times before, you would now have to move topics to Chicken, pork, beef, fish, pasta, puddings etc.
Perhaps you should just have to give up sleeping, and camp here! :D


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Aw, I'm really glad you're liking the site I recommended. I think it's a fab tool, and often tell folk about it. So easy to use, and free, too!? lol

This place is great. I can't say I like the pop up search results (neither do my computers), but the results it generates are very accurate. I do go through phases of answering queries by telling people where the search box is, but it does tend to sound pedantic, especially to newbies...after all, I'm sure I'm not alone in never reading the 'new members plese read before posting' type threads, on any place I visit! lol

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