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A reward or the start of a new life.....

Ever since I can remember, I have always been overweight, and it has stopped me from doing many things. However in Aug 2008 I started the journey that would change my life forever, LighteLife. Unfortunately, at the end of my 14 weeks, I thought I could go alone and decided to leave. The CBT must have worked as I didn't put on any weight, but I didn't lose either and now I have come back to the LL family to end the journey I started.

When I reached my 4 stone loss, I decided to get a tattoo done, something that was frowned up on by family (Indian you see...) but I decided to go ahead. Then I cut my hair, which had always been long (kind of like a blanket I had hidden behind all this time) and then I changed my wardrobe. I used to wear traditional indianwear to work. But have changed these for trousers, skirts and really nice tops, and loads of shoes!!!

But I now want to do those things I would never have done before. I am planning to do a skydive for Lupus UK (my sis in law is a sufferer) in November this year, and hoping that I am at target by then so I can fit into the suit! Before I would never have thought that I could have done this, the thought of freefalling and that my weight would just bring me to earth a tad too faster than normal!

I would also like to bungee jump and ride a bike again (haven't done this since I was 10 years old!)

Lighterlife has opened those doors for me which would have never opened before!

Is there anything that you will be rewarding yourself with when you reach target?
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Hi Preeti
Well done for going back to finish the journey. I'm still considering what to do to mark the new me. Probably a tatooo - I want a permanent reminder
loved this post - just wanted to say good luck with the end of your journey and the start of the rest of your life!

i know what you mean about changes - i have had my 'security blanket' hair cut, dyed it a different colour, climbed up mountains, all stuff I would never have done if i hadn't done LL.

its a journey i too need to finish - and will do - but its a fantastic journey and one i am proud of

daisy x


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Hey preeti.

I would love to come back to LL, but I just can't justify the money!! I have about 3 months worth of exante packs that my dad gave me, but I really miss the group.

I think you are so brave doing the sky dive!! There is no way I could do that!! I'm scared of flying, let alone jumping out of the plane!!

It's so great to see your journey so far, I really hope we can be successful together

mel xx
Fab post Preeti.
I love to read how your confidence to be yourself has increased.
I am sure you will get to do that sky dive. I really admire everyone who is going for all these challenges. Rachel and Daisy are 2 who spring to mind.
Everyone has different ways of marking their success. I think it's good to have a personal reminder.
Some days for me it's just inside - knowing what I have achieved and the changes it has made to my life.
18 months on I appreciate how lucky I am to be slim and healthy and enjoying my life.
I feel so much more able to face the challenges now.
I look forward to following the rest of yours and Mel's weight loss journeys.
Keep up the good work ladies. xx
One of my rewards is going for a 5-day surfing break as part of my brother's Stag Do and knowing I have the confidence to get out there on that board in that wetsuit; a prospect that would have terrified me 2 years ago!

Like SB I've mostly found though that it is inside that I have rewarded myself by changing - more confident in all aspects of life, having a greater sense of self-worth and just knowing that, day by day, I am overcoming all the demons in my head :)


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What a fabulous post Preeti - good for you planning a charity skydive!

You will love it! I did one whilst on holiday in Australia (6 years ago when I was a lot slimmer!) and sometimes I think back and wonder where that confident me - that did the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef and rode on the back of a Harley Davidson - went?!

I'm hoping with LL I will be able to find her again - the reward of that will be enough in itself :)
She's still in there AJB, she'll be back soon. xx:gen157::character00201::character00180:
Well the first time I did LL and lost 4 and a half stone I did lots of things like a sky dive, new wardrobe etc.

I have done LL again and lost 4 and half stone again and have had my belly button pierced!! I joined a jogging club before I started LL this time round and kept that up while doing my packs (hard at times) so my goal it so be able to run 5k without stopping - I'm not there yet though as running DOES NOT come naturally to me LOL!!!

I did reward myself every half a stone I lost - a DVD, a book, some make up etc


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oooh half stone rewards sound much more appealing - more frequent :)

Thanks SB & BL - I know the old me is in there somewhere (plenty of room for her to hide at the moment! LOL)


Getting her sparkle back
Completely know what you mean AJB, there's things I used to do that I would never be able to do now, used to go into a bar and never have to buy my own drink!
But it will happen again one day I hope, just go to keep going :)


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Won't be long before they are bringing out the champagne Hanmac :D


Getting her sparkle back
:giggle:Thank you AJB!


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You're welcome Hanmac! I remember those times too! Don't know why I let things slide so badly :( oh well guess I had to hit rock bottom in order to make my way onwards and upwards!

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