1. Hi,
    I'm attempting yet another restart this week with hoprfully more success this time. I'm starting with a new counsellor and also going with a friend so that hopefully will spur me on.

    I do 790 and did well with it before but I have a problem now. I am completely sickened of chicken. I can't stand to even look at it sometimes. I don't like fish, quorn or cottage cheese so this leaves me with a problem.

    I know the official answer is no.. I know what is in the cambridge books and what is recommended by headquarters but I'm looking for a scientific answer to my question....

    If I were to have other lean meats instead would I stay in ketosis? I'm thinking that if on Atkins, and I don't know much about that diet but I believe that you can have any lean meats and stay in ketosis. I maybe completely wrong but I'd love to hear from others who either have medical/diet knowledge or from anyone who knows a bit about Atkins.

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Cambridge Plan
    Atkins works entirely on the premise of keeping the carbs as low as possible - below 10g of carb per day.

    Cambridge works on the premise of ketosis, which is created by the critical balance of carb to protein intake.
  4. Hi, Thank you for your reply. So are you saying that it won't work if I had meat other than on the plan? I've been trying to find out the carb quantities in different types of foods but haven't found out yet.

    I wish I could just Sole source that would solve the problem but I've tried and just can't get beyond day 3.

    Thank you for your comments anyway. I might have to do some trial and error.

  5. Davinababe

    Davinababe Full Member


    You will stay in ketosis if you eat other meats but the reason they are not on the programme is that they are higher in fat and therefore calories and so could slow down weight loss but they won't knock you out of ketosis.

    Hope that helps

  6. oh that is such good news. Thank you. I don't mind eating less meat even but if I can have a small steak with green salad and chicken as often as I can bear it, it will mean the difference between success and failure for me.

    I think even if weight loss is slowed down slightly it surely won't be by much and it's still better than not losing at all.

    Thank you... I'm very very happy now!! :)

    I have a doc appointment today to get the form sgned and start tomorrow. I can't wait now!!

  7. Mochaj

    Mochaj Gold Member

    Good luck with it TM. Good to hear that you have found a way which works for you so that you can do the diet :)
  8. Thank you Mocha J. If I can get through the 1st week I know I will be fine so I'm just going to try and keep my head down and get on with it this week. I'm excited about startng so it seems like the right time for me so fingers crossed.

  9. amethyst

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    what about turkey? thats as low as chicken? ask you cdc..
  10. Sweetpea

    Sweetpea Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Totally not true about Atkins. Atkins is also based on Ketosis and lipolysis and the balance between carbs, protein and fat. During the induction phase (the first two weeks) carbs are restricted to 20g per day and each week thereafter they are increased by 5g.

    It is based on eating liberal amounts of fat and protein in the form of fish, eggs, poultry and meat and restricted carbs with no fruit, bread, grains, pasta, starchy veg during the induction phase. The meals have to be spread out and you have to drink at least 8 x 230ml glasses of water each day.

    There are clearly similarities in the science of Atkins and CD.

    Plenty of people slag off CD as some type of bad faddy diet and Atkins' also gets bad press....but it is only from people who have not read the book and understood the science behind it. Most people think it doesn't allow you to eat carbs - but it does - just a certain type and amount that builds up over time. Bit like the foods on AAMW really.
  11. Hi,
    Thank you for your comments on this. In your opinion (and I know everyone's opinion differs) do you think CD will still work if I had a small Atkins type meal (I think I'll give the liberal amounts of fats a miss). All I need to know is that if I had a steak or some ham instead of the chicken would I stay in ketosis. I'm happy to experiment with things but I also want to keep things easy for myself.

  12. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Cambridge Plan
    I did Atkins myself for over four years without a break and on under 10g of carbs per day.

  13. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Cambridge Plan
    www.calorieking.com is good for food nutrition values.

    Yes you can have turkey as well as chicken
  14. Thanks that's really helpful. I think I've more or less decided that I'm going to do my own version on 790. I know the calories might be a bit more but I'll stick to the veg on the 790 list and sustitute the protein (sometimes) with alternative low/no carb meats.

    I just don't want to not do the diet because of going off chicken when there might be alternatives. I'll keep you posted as to how I do.

    Thank you all for your advice.

  15. Lily

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    Just to add to this, I just wanted to reassure you that you'll stay in ketosis if you substitute other lean meats (come to that, fatty meats, but I know you're not going there). Ketosis is all about lack of carbs, not protein.

    The other thing to watch is salt though. For example, ham has a higher salt content--so substituting may make you retain water.

    See what happens. If it makes the diet something you can live with (while still losing weight) go for it. That's our goal here after all.

    Not that I'm advising anyone to steer away from the tried and tested CD path, of course :)

    Just thought I'd throw in a disclaimer before I get shouted at!
  16. Thank you Lliy, That's reassuring. I know I'm being naughty doing it this way and I wouldn't be telling others to follow either. I'll make my own rules and stick to it. I'm determined to manage it this time. That's why I need to make things easier for myself.

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  18. clairelesley

    clairelesley Fairy Princess to Be

    Be very careful of your relative protein values too because, as I understand it, it's the protein that prevents your body from 'accidentally' eating up muscle to use as energy. As a veggie I have no idea about the relative protein values of various meats but it'll be dangerous to eat too little while you're in ketosis (I think) so something else to bear in mind while you're doing your research.
  19. Thanks for that. I'd be having 3 packs a day too so should be ok? It's basically the 790 plan that I'd be doing but swapping the chicken for other types of meat so it shouldn't be too much different from 790 as I see it... maybe a few more calories. I'm still going to try and eat the proper 790 plan a lot of the time. I just need some variety as I plan on being on this diet a long time.
  20. Lilly

    Lilly Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi there! I've had red meat (lean), duck and salmon all the way through!
  21. Lilly,

    Wow, you've done really well even though you've been having red meat. Thanks. I will have my steak and green salad now without worrying!

    Been to see the doctor this afternoon and got my form signed so I'm starting tomorrow. I'm strangely excited!

    Thanks again.

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