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A stone, at last.

Well, it has been slow, and tough going, but at last, I've dropped a stone. Phew.

Because of the side effects of the meds my docs put me on, I have not been able to abstain completely - there have been days I needed something to thwart of the stomach pains (side effect). It's been hard, and I am pretty certain I have been in and out of ketosis, so a lot of will power was needed.

Glad a stone is gone. I still want to lose more, but will be reintoducing food next week. Will then step up the exercise and do the rest conventionally.

I just have had it with abstinance. !0 months two years ago - a panic revisit over a year later - and now this last event after putting on weight during moms accident and death - I have simply had it with abstaining. lol I don;t mean to put anyone off it - I havejust had more than my share of it.

Been really thinking long and hard about the decision, and feel it's the right one.

I realise, the rush to get it off as fast as possible, was more out of wht others might think of my recent little gain. So I decided sod it - let them think what they want to think. Considering all I have been through the past several months, to now only be a stone over my goal weight makes me feel quite chuffed and proud. Two years ago, I would have put way more then a stone or tw on, and it would have kept on going up up and up some more.

So, there you have it. This is me, saying out load, no more abstaining, ever. For any future blunders, it iwll be through blood, sweat and tears that i lose it.

Now, I will get back to walking and swimming and taking care of myself with healthy nutritional food. ANd I will restore myself to where I was happy and full of energy, etc.

One day at a time.
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well done!
you have done great.
daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
To be perfectly honest, I'm proud of you. For an all or nothing girl, you have come out on top - here. Indeed you could have put more on and in your situation if anyone said anything at all about only a small stone or even two (or even more to be honest) - really, they'd have needed a right slap for being so damn insensitive.

You have had to deal with far more than most people do in a lifetime over the last few months. You are getting through this, your way. You know what's right for you.

Abstinence, whichever way you look at it is very drastic/hectic/stressful. I certainly couldn't do it twice. I mean, where are we in a hurry to get to? It's no longer a need to lose '10 stone'. But 1 or 2 - so abstinence is just a little too far.
I'm doing it the conventional way as well, I'd rather be healthy and smart about it. It'll come off when it does. There's no hurry. Let this process be a healing one, no point in putting your mental and physical health through more stress than it needs to go through at this crucial point.

Be strong, be positive. You will definitely get there. :)

Thinking of you hun. xx


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Well done BL! Firstly on getting that stone off (I certainly wouldn't have returned to abstaining if I was you!) and secondly for recognising that you've had enough - both mentally and physically - its been a tough time for you and you're doing well to get through it :)
Thanks so much ladies.

Min, you are absolutely right....there really is no immediate hurry. It is definately not as crucial as the first go, really. I realised, I think I was putting too much pressure to get right back to where I was when I finished RTM. But the truth is, that was too slim for me to comfortably maintain. I was there - I experienced it and loved every minute of it. BUt it was not a realistic weight for me to maintain permanently while balancing enjoyment of living/cooking/eating, etc. I said I never wanted to be a slave to my weight, and for that I would have been.

I also realised, my momentum, or need to get this off as quickly as possible was what has just been discussed on another thread - and that was "What would people think!!??" ANd ya know, it really does't matter WHAT they think.

If I were too stop at the weight I am right now, which is about 3/4 of a stone heavier then I want to be - I really would be quite happy with that. I mean, if I jut never got slimmer, it would not be the end of the world. I am a size 14 now, and the only reason I want to contine to slowly lose a bit more is becuase of the way my arthritis reacts to the extra weight. So, I intend to drop more, but if worse came to worse and I never lost another pound it would not be the end of my world - I am happy.

But I am not going to starve myself just because of what some people may or may not think.

I loved my new culinary life - I miss the vibrance of veggies, and textures, etc., I miss cooking healthy and really enjoying food. I just think its time to put abstinance away, and focus on good, enjoyable sound nutrition again balanced with exercise and activity.

It was a tough call - 50-50 really. I could have carried on, but the truth is - I do not want to.

I have been gathering some more new really lovely healthy recipes to try - I have all my new pots and pans, I recently bought new knives....I have just reorganised my kitchen, and am really looking forward to getting back to as much normal as possible.

I am in no hurry. I am relaxed about the decision, and happy with who I am. It is a relief.

Abstianance is a fantastic tool for the major loss. But after that, one or two revisits has been enough. So now I just gotta do it myself. If I want to, I will. As and how I go about it.

Far too many things to worry about now, of much greater importance.

Thanks very much for your support. :)



Hi there - i have just been reading you blog. I lost my lovely sister last year and I have been hurting so much. I am really feeling your pain and at times I have returned to the "old freind" too! I am back on track.

You look truly fabulous in your pics and I wish you well!

Daisy xx


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Well done on both the weightloss and the decision :hug99:

Hi BL. Good decision, methinks! I think we have learned to modify our 'foodie' reactions to horrid things going on in our lives but maybe we don't WANT to not enjoy food. We had quite bad news about my hubbie's health at the hospital on Wednesday and how did I react? I came home and I ate a meal and some cashew nuts. Big wow! One meal - before LL it would probably have been a week of eating to numb the world! You have been through SO much and yet you have still managed to shed that stone. And hey! 5'7" and a size 14? Goodness, lady, you look HOT! I understand about the arthritis pains as my knee is playing up too but it'll come off, as you say, in it's own good time. I think you're amazing and I think YOU should think you're amazing too!


Determined to succeed
Hi BL. To hell with what others think...... People on the outside who havent had weight issues are often very quick to comment but i say two fingers up at them. You have done amazing huni and to have come through what you have the last few mths and only be a few pounds above where you want to be is fantastic. Congrats on the stone loss :hug99:
Hi LS - nice to see you. Thanks for looking in after me. :)

Yeah, I am done with abstaining. Really. I wanted it as much to shed pounds quickly as for protection against losing the plot....which I felt was very possible, what with everything going on.

But now, I feel half way there - the rest can come off as it will.

It is all a challenge. Life that is. But I will get through it, hopefully not worse for wear and tear. lol

Hopeyou are well? :)

Powerful posts BL.
It's good to see you in control and making the decision you feel is right for you.
Good luck with reintroducing food. I know how you enjoy the healthy cooking and eating.
Hope to see you again soon.
Love Slenda x


BL your amazing really you are - WELL DONE honey xx

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