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  1. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    So i have finally decided to start a diary after weeks of lurking and reading other peoples! I am currently a stone from goal after losing nearly one and a half stone, I have previously been at goal however after my wedding and having a baby the weight came back but I'll get back to goal I'm determined now and as it is the start of lent tomorrow I'm thinking it would be the perfect time to shift hopefully a big chunk of this weight!

    Ok so here goes:


    pancakes (just had to point the jam and the flour) 4weeklies
    2 coffees


    homemade porridge bread


    homemade chips
    ketchup 1 weekly
    cheese 2 weeklies

    This is is just the plan but it sounds delicious so I should be ok!
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  3. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    hi here to give you abit support. are you at a group?? are you doing filling and healthy days?? x
  4. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Hi thanks for the support! Ya I am doing the filling and healthy and I'm really enjoying it! I go to meetings on a Wednesday my leader is lovely, So that really helps!

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  5. eebb12

    eebb12 Member

    Just started my diary too!!

    Good luck with your first week!
  6. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Thanks eebb12! Good luck to you aswell I will find your diary and subscribe and we can keep each other motivated!

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  7. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    I must have done something wrong I tried to write back but the messages just disappeared or maybe I put them in the wrong place, thanks for the support girls, I am doing filling and healthy and my meetings are on a Wednesday but after a bit of a fall of the wagon at the weekend I'm hoping I didn't do too much damage for tomorrow!
  8. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Just wanted to add in a fruit cocktail, I also went for a quick walk might try for another one later now that we have a dry day!

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  9. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Feel like I ruined my day my wonderful caring husband brought me home my favourite chocolate bar and I just couldn't resist, another 7 points gone, I'll have to think of other treats to tell him to pick me up maybe a can of diet drink! Weigh in tomorrow, dreading it hope I'm not up too much!
  10. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    You doing 49pp?? Xx

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  11. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    They were uses up by sunday so way over with my points been having extra treats all week. Today is weigh in though so start a fresh this morning!

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  12. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Well stayed the same not too bad after all! She said I have to stay setting goals so he's is a couple

    1. To be down 5 pounds before the 12 of april. Ava will be 9 months then and they say 9 months on 9 months off and I want to be back at prepregnancy weight.

    2. Be down half a stone by the end of april.

    I am also thinking of setting myself little goals for lent like more
    exercise but this is going to take more thought might update later.

    Food for today

    Beans on toast with fried egg

    Tuna steak
    Baby veg
    Roasted galic potatoes

    Packet of fruities 1 weekly

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  13. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Ok early night tonight so I will finish my diary for today.
    Just adding a spoon of sugar that I had in tea so another weekly gone. Oh ya forgot 2 apples.

    Weeklies left 47
    Activity points earned 2

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  14. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Got woken by a happy smiley baby at half six this morning which was great, best way to start a day!
    Plan for food today is


    Porridge with cinnamon and grated Apple


    Egg and ham salad on a 2 slimbos



    Probably an apple and pear as a snack and numerous cups of coffee and lemsips.

    Goal for exercise is to earn atleast 2 propoints a day!

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  15. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Ok meals went to plan today just have to add in a snack of some natural yogurt and fruit cocktail. I better give a point for full fat milk I had in my tea aswell.

    Weeklies left 46
    Activity points earned 4 :D

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  16. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Today's food.


    Porridge with cinnamon and grated apple.


    Left over stew with porridge bread


    Baked cod with veg and potatoes I might top the cod with cheese for an extra 2 points.


    Popcorn, fruit with natural yogurt and grapes

    Heading for my walk soon to earn my 2 activity points looking forward to it it is a beautiful day!
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  17. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Just made banana and egg pancakes put a drop of vanilla extract and a hand full of blueberries in they were yum very filling! Might skip the popcorn later!
  18. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Ok to finish off yesterdays food
    Wine 9 points actually feel quite sick from it!

    Weeklies left 35
    Activity ppints earned 6

    Night out tonight though this will be a tough one think I will point today!
  19. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Trying to use the least amount of points before tonight so


    Fruit 0
    Fat free natural yogurt 1
    Milk 2


    Salad 0
    Egg white 0
    Ham 1

    Thats the plan so far, trying to decide on my meal in the chinese, hopefully I don't lose the plot when I get to the restaurant!
  20. Maria2206

    Maria2206 Silver Member

    Here to subscribe.

    Good luck tonight. I usually stick to chicken with broccoli with boiled rice which means you only have to consider a small amount of points for the sauce.

    Try to stay away from the prawn crackers and spring rolls!
  21. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Thanks maria, Chinese wasnt too bad all the alcohol was though but I have it all wrote down just to calculate it now, scary!

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