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Extra Easy a syn test

A couple of women commented on one of my posts saying that I wasn't having enough syns my reply was

Well I started in January and up until April I had only lost 10lb it was coming off in 1lb or less and I was having around 65 syns a week - I gave my consultant my food diarys and she said there was nothing wrong and at the time i wasn't exercising so it wasn't water retention! i went away in April for 2 weeks and came back and had gained 10 1/2 lb ( what I had lost and a bit more) so for the past 4 weeks I have been having roughly 30 syns a week and have lost 12lb in total :)

So this week I thought I would do everything the same but have more syns. My weigh day is today and I have used a total of 60 syns.. I think that although the guideline is a minimum of 35 as all of our body's are different we can all handle things in different ways. As I haven't got a great deal to lose I think that I need to be more strict with myself to get it off. Although the reason why I have around 30 syns usually is because I generally don't feel the need for them all the time - I enjoy the diet so much and as you can eat most of my favourite things (pasta, rice, fruit, potatoes) etc. I'm quite happy with my 30 :)

so basically I will keep you updated as to how I get on later! :)
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well done. :) Id be too scared to experiment as what i do already works for me.
I see what you mean though why use syns if you dont need them, its like over feeding your body when it already has everything it needs (although i would be tempted to have atleast 5 a day). Maybe SW give it as a guideline so that its a realistic way for people to eat for life - you cant always deny yourself an icecream on holiday or a few drinks on your birthday.

If your consultant says your doing fine and it works for you :) then keep it up. x
yeah that's how I see it, I feel I don't need any more than I use if I was to go out for a meal then I have got them there as an emergency but I think around 30 works for me! :) gutted about the loss though 1 1/2 more for my shiney:( lol
I've also tried upping my syns this week as some weeks i've found it difficult to use the 35, more likely due to self restraint rather than finding areas to add them. This week I think i'm up to 51 with 1 day left so will see if it makes much of a difference for me. Hope it still allows a gain x


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The syns really shouldn't make a difference - even if you were having none at all you would only be saving 200 calories a day (based on 10 syns) or 1400 calories over the week. Considering you need a calorie deficit of 3500 to lose a pound in weight, it's neither here no there. I think free and superfree foods are where people should look when they are struggling to lose.

It might be interesting to work out your calorie intake on a typical day and to find out what your BMR is (the number of calories needed for your body just to function).
I would understand that if I wasnt following my plan exactly the same everywhere else other than changing my syns. I've basically copied my whole plan for a week everywhere else but added syns. I really think it's according to how your body can handle different types of foods and that using not slot of syns (which I feel I don't need) helps me best :)


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You said earlier, you don't have a lot to lose. That could definitely be one of the reasons that you're happier with your losses when you keep your syns to a minimum. One of the reasons we start on 10-15 syns a day is so that we can adjust these as we get nearer target and the weight loss slows down.

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