A teenager's view


Carpe diem
My 19 year old has asked me to post a link to her website as she's so proud of it!!

So if anyone has a spare 5 minutes and fancies a squizz then here's the link (don't worry - it's nothing dodgy - just mainly family pics from the viewpoint of a teenager etc)

Loving Biggles!
Hey! She's done a great job there:cool:

Just had a lovely look around. Even caught my 19year old sons eye ;)
Fantastic, what a really good job
I've just had a proper look myself ... if you get the chance to look at nothing else, check out the 'New Zealand Montage' (click to play) on the 'Holidays' section.

We were there on the adventure of a lifetime exactly two years ago (came home Nov 11th 2004). It was the most awesome experience ever - just a shame I wasn't thinner though :( - still, we met some wild and wacky characters (like Brett the Gold miner and the wallaby woman of Waimate), saw some breath-taking sights and did some amazing things (whale watching, trekking to a glacier, panning for gold, camping alongside a volcanic site etc etc).

I've vowed to go again and do some of the things we wanted to do but couldn't mamage in the six weeks we were there. If you ever get the chance to go to awesome New Zealand then go, go, go!!! :D