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A thread for ranting :)


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So, I find that letting my feelings out online is really therapeutic and I've noticed a lot of forums have one of these threads to allow members to just, well, RANT!

Something bothering you? Angry, upset? Let your feelings out here instead of on a tub of ice cream, trust me it feels good!

I'll be honest, I need to rant right now, so I'll start :)

My rant is about Pro Ana forums. I've recovered from an eating disorder, and yet I still find these sites have a pull to me. They are addictive and destructive, they drag you down with their idea of perfection, jealousy between members and soap style dramas which erupt on an almost nightly basis.

At the same time, they are an environment which allows you to "bond" with member incredibly quickly, you become best friends over night with a stranger on teh other side of the world.

What makes me so cross about these sites is the claim that they are not pro ana but pro support. This means they support your choice to have an eating disorder. Essentially, they ARE pro ana.

The main problem I have with these lies? There are CHILDREN on these sites. 13 and 14 year olds, trying to CATCH and eating disorder, learning how to starve, picking up on the negativity as "normal".

I am sickened at the fact that I ever STOOD UP for, CHAMPIONED and SUPPORTED one of these so called "support" sites. They really should be closed down, despite the protestations of the members. all PT ever did was encourage my circle of negative thinking, and teach me habits to further my Disorder.


There, rant over, and it feels good. Anyone like to join me? It doesn't even have to be weight loss related :)
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