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A tired and fed up fatty


Got to do it this time
Hi All,

Have decided to tell myself I have just joined SW last night and to join up on here and see if it'll help!

I am a veggi so only do green days. Lost loads of weight on it about 3 years ago, put it back on and more!

Joined again in January and must be the only person to pay every week and put on! I have put weight on since January and am heavier than my starting weight then!

I like my wine and cheese :sigh: but i have to sort it out! I have never used a forum before so not sure what to do but I really need help. I'm down in the dumps :break_diet:

Therefore - starting new today!

Start weight 13st 1pound
Target 9st 7 pound

How do I get there?????
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Not evil at all
Hi Scals, welcome :)

Are you putting on because of the wine and cheese? I know for me green days slow my losses down, but obviously as a veggie having meat isn't the answer, so only thing I can think of is to have 1/3 superfree veg with every meal, and snack on superfree foods over free ones. If it is the wine/cheese thats the problem then perhaps you could save up some syns and have a day where you can eat your cheese and drink your wine without it ruining your hard work.

Another thing you could try is forget everthing since January - forget it all! And pick up your book and start from scratch, re-read everything, act like you just joined SW. I know myself that after a while of doing the plan you start guessing what 28g of porridge looks like, or 250ml of milk, or accidentally on purpose forgetting to write everythign down etc etc.. have a look around on here for new recipes, buy old magazines from class and read the articles/recipes, honestly I think sometimes just refreshing yourself with all the info is a real boost and it definitely works for me if I need enthusiasm!

Other things that might help with losses is things like drinking green tea, doing more exercise even if it's just taking stairs instead of lifts, eating scan bran, snacking on fruit/veggies rather than mugshots etc.

Remember to write everything down! Post a food diary on here to keep yourself right?

Hope this has helped, good luck! :) xxxxx


Got to do it this time
Thanks evilpenguin - thats my plan!!!! I have got a bit lax on the weighing and measuring but it's the wine and cheese! I have been in a habit of glass of wine when I get back from work whilst cooking and then wine with dinner and then basically before I know it there goes a bottle!

My family are very into wineing and dining and it's just too easy to join in and get into bad habits!

I just seem to have no will power that's the problem - I love the diet and I love cooking the recipes and so I don't know why I have got so lazy about it all........

I'm settled in a relationship (and he has put on 4 stone since being with me!!!!!) and the whole 'i love you for who you are' thing gives me more excuses to not do anything about the weight. I need something to motivate me....

Thanks for your welcome and suggestions



Not evil at all
My mum is the same re the wine, and then she goes off to bed with biscuits and thinks they don't count because no one can see her! Why don't you buy the mini bottles of wine, one at a time, so you can't drink a whole bottle without realising? Or water it down with lemonade? I do that all the time, but then again I'm not a big fan of wine. If it's your family being the bad influence you should maybe just mention to them that you're on this plan and it's really hard with all the temptation around? When I lived at home my dad and bro both ate whatever they liked, they would munch their way through biscuits, crisps, cakes, pies etc and it was sometimes too much for me and I would cave and raid the cupboards, now I've moved out I can only eat what I buy :)

I know what you mean about the relationship. I must've put on about 2 stone when I first started seeing my bf, he introduced me to loads of new foods I'd never tried, new beers, new everythings! I know he loves me for me, but I didn't love me so that's why I'm on this plan now. Sounds like your partner would benefit from joining class with you - do you think he would? I find the plan easier to follow when my bf and I are both on it, we both support eachother and remind ourselves why we're doing this. It's all very well having support at group but if you don't have it home it's easy to go off plan. He would be your motivation :)


Got to do it this time
No absolutely, he used to be a body builder when I met him and had the most amazing body and strictest diet ever! Only tuna and pasta is what he ate......

He hates himself now - and that upsets me because I feel partly responsible because I, like your bf, introduced him to wine and 'nibbles'. He is a real support to me and follows plan with me ALL the time, but he also gives into me easily and doesn't make me feel guilty if I have wine!

My family are aware I am on plan, 3 of them used to come with me! My bro lost 3 stone since jan (put it all back on now) but I have always been able to be strong and not crave it before now - again I need to somehow change how I am thinking. I suppose instead of telling myself I am not allowed it - I should say I am choosing not to have it???? maybe???? lol

I think I got to just ignore the wine all together - go cold turkey for a bit because I'm beginning to wonder whether AA is the better place lol (our consultant always jokes that she often feels she is running an AA group with us lot)

I will feel better without drinking and I just need to fill my time with things - we are doing the garden at the moment and I am threatening to sand the spare room floor - haven't up until now because I just mope on the sofa with wine and crips feeling poo!

God, I am in a woe is my place aren't I? how depressing!



Will be thin god dammit!!
Hi Scals x x x
I was very much the same as you before I joined - I had done SW with my sister last year and in the 13 weeks I went I put on 11lbs!!!

Now though I am well within the swing of it and finding it works - 18lbs off in 8 week then a blip after a week in Florida ;)

I have a food diary on here if you want to have a peep and do quite a few green days too.
My tip would be to plan you week ahead if poss as it takes away the problem of trying to make something suitable out of unsiutable ingredients.
Ive eaten out a fair bit too and checked before ive gone which are the best menu choices and stuck to that - went for an Indian meal and had Chicken Jalfrezi, boiled rice and 1/2 a naan and 4 vodka and diet cokes - still lost 2.5lbs that week!

If you want support this is the place to be hun - Good luck x x x x


Will be thin god dammit!!
I meant to add that I too love wine but really dont want to use the high syns for wine and have changed to Vodka and diet coke as its only 2.5syns a glass!!!


Got to do it this time
Thanks moomin! Glad to know I'm not the only one who goes and puts on..........

I think yes I need to plan ahead and get into the swing of things.

It all went wrong for me when I went to Floriday last May! I out on 1 stone in 2 weeks!!!!!!!! Then never got back on track.

I will look at your diary - how do I do it? lol

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Right, you can do it, you have to be really focused and dedicated. Dont think that you have to start another diet to fail it. Think instead that you are going to change your eating habits for life and be a far healthier person because of it.
Dont blame yourself for your OH. He chose to eat the things that were on offer, you didnt pin him to the floor and force feed him!
I dont drink anymore, so for me booze has never been an issue. Even at family functions I will have either soda water, or diet coke in pints.
Tough love coming up now!......Dont feel sorry for yourself. Instead feel that you are now going to take back control of your life and make the most of it.
If someone had told me that I would be climbing mountains I would have laughed and said "yeah right!"....instead, I have climbed Pen y Fan, Scarfel Pike, Snowdon and plan on climbing Ben Nevis!! Also looking at Kilamanjaro (sp) with a friend but loads more training involved in that one!
Come on girl...deep breath and take the day as if its your first time SW experience.

For food diaries, search the SW forum for food diary section. I also have a food diary there.



Got to do it this time
AMEN! Mrs V - I agree, no feeling sorry for myself and I left a note for my OH this morning that said (and quite proud of it!)

Today is the day that :-


Take control and start loosing weight............

It had disappeared by the time I got into work and realised how much I have to do lol but It's come back

Thanks Mrs V I am the only one to change me

Totally agree with the others - go back to basics and PLAN PLAN PLAN!!
Have snacks in for when the cheese monster starts tempting you, or have one of your HexAs as cheese every day!! Or both ?!
Why not allow yourself a bottle of wine as a treat once a week, but only if you've been 100% on plan?? There's a carrot for you to stay motivated throughout the week ;)
And for support, this is DEFNITELY the place to come. I've only been on here a month and everybody is so helpful and supportive and kind it really does help me stay on track.
And a food diary is a great idea as it makes you aware of your weak points and eating habits that you may never have noticed. I find I'm less likely to pig out on something when I have to admit it to the internet afterwards...
Lastly, I too do green days all the way and am losing slowly but surely - keep carbs brown and make sure you take advantage of the free beans and pulses (although I don't need to tell a veggie how to eat veggie food!!) :) :)


Got to do it this time
Thanks prawnchop - yes I am amazed at the support already.

I need to plan definately - I feel hungry now but have just read an article that someone posted about 'emotional hunger' and it really rings true! Made me understand I feel hungry when I am not.....

Will definately explore MiniMins more


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