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A turn up for the books

Well guys, im on day 5 and had to make an emergency stop at my CDC today for some shakes as im flying to edinburgh tomorrow and forgot i cant take fluids as hand-luggage and whilst i was there she weighed me as she was concerned i was not in ketosis as i HAVE NOT HAD ANY SIDE EFFECTS AT ALL.

Guess what......im burning fat like like a block of lard on a hot plate!!

Hand on heart, ive had no side effects. No headaches, dizzyness or anything.

My body evidently LOVES this!:D
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Fantastic :) I'm feeling great now since day 3/4 has passed.
How much have you lost?? You didn't say.
I dont know. This time ive my CDC not to tell me anything. I dont even know my start weight.
This time im listening to my body and going by 'how i feel' not by the scales. Last time the scales did take over my life a little bit, and if i weighed myself mid week and had a good loss, it was like a green light in my head to binge!
My 1st week last time was -14lb, my CDC seems very, very happy so it must be a very good amount.
Good plan about not knowing if you got obsessed with the scales last time.

I don't have a scales at home and am quite happy to only be weighed when I see my CDC :D
I never have side effects with ketosis either great news on your success so far


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i get a little light headed. but i must admit, thats only for prob hald a day... and then its fine.

but well done... and if you cdc is happy then im sure its headed in the right direction!
I like the 'No Scales' approach. Not sure I could have that much discipline though lol

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