A very tired D_Q!


Queen of the Damned
I'm off on holiday on Saturday. Off to Kent to spend a week at a holiday park with DH, four kids, my sister, her partner, my nephew and his mate.

I feel exhausted - seem to have been running round like a lunatic lately, so really need the break.

Gonna miss Minimins (can't believe it's only been a month :eek: ) and will be dying to see how you are all doing while I'm away.

Seeing lots of clients tomorrow, and loads of packing to do so may not be on much. Seeya when I get back peeps xx
Have a fantastic time DQ you deserve a lovely break
Awww... I'm going to MISS you!!!!!! Have fun on your holiday and don't forget about us :):D
Hi D_Q,

You deserve a rest and I hope you have a wonderful time on your holidays with your family and extended family...

We will miss you and see you when you get home.

Love Mini xxx
Have a wonderfull holiday!
Have a great time DQ, miss you already. Love
We're gonna miss you hun...but I'll speak to you before you go! :)
Have a lovely holiday, and look forward to hearing all about it. I hope you can get some rest too.
Love Matty
You guys are the best!! I'm putting off the final bit of packing and thought I would have a little look around here (a whole week without it :eek: ) Thanks ;)
I bet you'll be sneaking into an internet cafe for a little fix! :p