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A wee bit of fun maybe?


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I'm just here at work (on lunch of course) and visualising my style or soon to be style on hitting goal.
I've been overweight for the whole time I've been earning my own money, so I've always obviously stayed away from the trendy shops and clothes.
I often walk down the road and look at slim girls and think - I would never wear that. But actually, being slim - would I?
So it's got me thinking how I would like to look. Would I still wear as much make up (although I have stopped wearing foundation) would I cut my hair in to a funky sarah harding style, would I wear city shorts, tights and sexy long boots? What do you think? How do you visualise your new style WILL be?
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I turn 35 next week so I think I will be staying away from "trendy". I am on the cusp of doing the mutton dressed as lamb thing so I am aiming for a really classic, smart style with some statement jewellery and the occassional fashionable piece - like a great bag or shoes.

I am intending to buy really lovely clothes and not spend loads on lots of tat.

Of course I say that NOW but when I get to a size 12 I may find that I cannot resist and buy half of Primark :D


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Accessories are the way forward. Love the classic look with amazing chunky jewels. Very chic Guru! I think I want my first purchase to be that amazing LBD that I've never had in my wardrobe. x
Great thread. At my heaviest 18-20 I dressed in anything that fitted, normally peacocks and asda sale clothes. Now size 12 I found myself in golddigga, tommy hilfiger e.c.t .... what happened :confused:
I am on the cusp of doing the mutton dressed as lamb thing
Me too but ignoring it :rolleyes:
I will hopefully be able to go to new look with my daughter and actually find something thats fits. But myself also being 37 dont want to be muttin dressed as lamb, so something more fitted without elastication would be great to me and plenty of accessories.


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I don't think any of us will go for the mutton dressed as lamb look, but I think we may surprise ourselves in the looks that we will try and go for. Like I said - what we think now is maybe too young for us, actually may look good if dressed in the right way. Check me out - I think I'm blooming Gok Wan!! LOL xx


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I tell you what I will do though. I will wear skirts. I never do at the moment.


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Guru - my sentiments exactly - I have recently bought several skirts that are still hanging in my wardrobe in the size under where I am now - I haven't worn a skirt since the christening of my DS2 which was 3 years ago !!!

I live in trousers but intend to change that when I start to lose the weight...


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I tell you what I will do though. I will wear skirts. I never do at the moment.

I hear you on that one Guru! The whole chaffing thing is not fun! Especially in summer.


Needs to stop eating!!
Im 20 but since putting on weight I have dressed so badly, loooong skirts....big tops etc....so for me its being able to just dress "young" and wear nice clothes!
i'm looking forward to going to decent shops when i'm at goal....i've always shopping cheap, and i'm sick of the crap quality!
I'm not going to do much wish my hair as i'm always quite adventurous with it, but i have decided i want to get some flat knee high boots which i have always stayed away from because i've always been short and dumpy...now i'm getting to whippet state, i dont mind flatties! lol
The thing I most want to wear when I hit goal is sky scraper heels. I love shoes, but at the moment heels are a big fat no no. I have a gorge pair of Christian Louboutin platforms that I have never put on my feet. I can't wait to wear them, maybe with some indigo kick flare jeans and top that doesn't look like a smock!!
LizzMB - I wish I could wear heels. They kill me, clearly for all the additional weight I carry, so I currently rock the short and dumpy flatties look! LOL.
crimsonvixen - Louboutins! You lucky girl. I have a bag from them and I lurvvvvvveeeee the shoes! I've been invited to one of their evenings next week as my friend is the UK director there, but I won't be going as I normally walk around pick up the shoes and just put them down again. Oh to walk in heels! Love your look you're going for too! I'm so excited at all this talk of style and clothes! Hopefully this will keep me on the straight and narrow this weekend! xx
I too have been wearing nasty cheap clothes in larger sizes as I don't feel like spending proper money on stuff that I don't really wear. Although I have battled with my weight for most of my life (was put on my first diet at 10) I have had some enjoyable phases when I was slim in my 20's and 30's. My favourite styles included shift dresses, mini skirts, knee length boots, stilletoes, and bold statement jewellery - ah, I was a 'girl about town' in my 20's (or at least I thought I was, ha ha!)
This time around I will be aiming for a more classical look (I'm 41) - luckily I have lots of size 12 items in my wardrobe, much of it still has the labels.
Can't wait to delve into my new wardrobe.
I lurrrrve skirts & boots in the winter (when im slim obviously as looks chit when ya fat) i have boots still from when i was slim and skirts classic styles and aint thrown em!

Come on the size 12's :D

Im 33..and LOVE trend!!! nooooo way is it mutton!

Dress how you like and enjoy clothes!

Foook everyone else :D


Happiness in a shake!
Ooooh yes, skirts asnd lots of them!
But most of all I just want to wear a lovely pair of tight fitting jeans and a t-shirt, not a tent, a lovely fihure hugging t-shirt!
I'm 23 tommorow and I've been fat since my early teens. That, combined with a severe period of mental illness from about the ages of 15-21 has effectively meant that I have never really got excited about clothes and fashion: either because I couldn't fit into them and therefore there was no point or because I wasn't well enough to care.

I am determined that I am going to get slim enough to be able to enjoy clothes for the first time in my life! I will not spend the rest of my (supposedly) roaring twenties in jeans and baggy t-shirts. I want to wear stylishly old-fashioned pretty tea dresses, delicate cardigans, fine stockings, classy high heels. And I want to get a proper fitted corset and rock the whole Dita Von Teese burlesque-style -- outrageous red lipstick and foxy heels. I rarely wear any make-up at the moment because I just think that there is no point in making an effort because I feel so huge and ugly no matter what I do. I know it's silly to 'wait until i've lost weight' to start doing things I could be doing now, but I plan on splurging on some expensive good-quality MAC make-up and learning how to put it on properly once I shed a few stones, when I hopefully start feeling more positive about my appearance :)
Love it! Everyone's got a visual and I can here the excitement in everyone's posts. Keep that visual in your head and we'll all get there. Coinoperatedgirl - Dita Von Teese is amazing! You go girl!
It's always funny how deep down, pretty much every woman wants to wear those long boots and skirts! Easily pleased bunch we are :)
I have no idea, BUT I would love to wear size 12 jeans, long brown boots, chunky jewellery, with a vest top and a brown cardigan, to match my boots ! Hair all tousled, makeup on - and then go shopping !

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