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A Week Behind???


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A couple of the ladies that I sit with a group were having a discussion last night and I'm thinking that it might actually be the case about what they were saying.

I had a fantastic week last week, did n't eat over with anything, synned everything and went to group thinking I'd have lost at least 5 pounds but came out with 2.5 - yes still a loss but I'd expected more - this week I had a rubbish week - did n't go out binging on chocolate or crisps etc but had more syns than I should have done but lost 7lbs - one of the other ladies had a fab week last week and lost a pound but also had a rubbish week this week and lost 2.5!

It got us thinking if any one else at SW is experiencing this where you get rewarded for good work the week after its happened rather than in the same week. So does it then follow that cause I had a rubbish week this week I'm going to pay for it next week :eek::eek: Does this happen to anyone else here?

I've got up really motivated though cause of my loss, just had 2 weetabix with skimmed milk and 2 small bananas sliced over the top which is very unusual for me as I don't normally eat breakfast this early. If I eat eat early in the morning I usually can't stop eating but I'm going to keep myself really busy this morning and make sure I don't have anything till lunch. I'm going to attack a big basket of ironing that I have to get me on my way, oh the joy!
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Who knows! Your body isn't a machine that if you press buttons A and B you get result C. And it doesn't know when your weigh in day is and that it's expect to lose for that particular time of the week. In fact it's probably best to look at your losses over a month rather than weekly to allow hormonal changes to even out.


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Me, me, me!!! *stick hand in the air* I always catch up a week later... I would have a week where I was 100% bang on the whole time, yet I'd lose half a pound.... the next week I could have a worse week and lose 3lb.... there was definately a pattern to it for me! x
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i always catch up a week later, 99% of the time.. unfortunatly this also seems to be the case with holiday gains.. grr lol xxx
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I have noticed the same in the past too - with weeks when I've been good and with *holiday* weeks :)

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