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a week fine but 6 months!!!


I will do this!!!
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One day at a time is the way to go hun. Think of it another way... 6 months to change your life forever xx

rainbow brite

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So you do what I do and don't think about it being six months. I had this the other day and to calm myself simply thought 'well I've lost 2st out of my 6st which only gives me 4st more to go. One more stone and I'll be half way.' Thinking of it in terms of weight rather than months really helped me doll. Hope it helps you a little too xx


Says it as it is!!!
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Don't think about it.. when ketosis is properly formed you will not even give it a second thought, well, until you are lbs away from your goal then you will just carry on ...BECAUSE!!!
Take it a day at a time! Many people have done 6 months and you never know you could lose it in less!!
Its all MIND GAMES you need to be positive and you WILL SUCCEED!!!!
psychologically in the first week I said I was going to try this for 4 weeks now im in week three Im saying Im going to give another four a shot it makes it easier


I will do this!!!
Im going to see it through to end because i have to for my health and for my sons sake but it just seems so daunting at the beginning
Im only on day 3 and im fine, the thought of doing this diet for a few weeks is fine too but when i think im going to be on this diet for 6 months i dont see how im going to cope. It just seems such a long time to not eat

Vicky Vicky Vicky Vicky Vicky Vicky Vicky:D;)
i have so far lost 108lbs and that isnt including whatever i lose on weigh in tomorrow and i have been on the diet for exactly 5 months today....i tell u something else aswell, it has flown by, i felt exactly the same as you and i never ever thought that i would do it,it got me down a bit at the beginning to be honest but after the first weigh in i was on cloud 9, i no longer felt hungry and started to feel more positive, it has just gone so fast and i am now approaching my target weight and it has been worth every single second...i cant believe that it is me when i see my before photo,in fact it isnt me! i was just in there somewhere waiting to burst out lol and u will be saying exactly the same thing !

you can do it, you will do it and you will look and feel fantastic, you will look back and forget that you ever felt this way....it goes by so fast......just keep it up hun and we are here for you xxxx


I will do this!!!


I will do this!!!
thanks nicki just what i needed to hear (plus a certain name too ;)) :)


Eloquent hooligan
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it flies by... swear :) take each day at a time & before you know it'll be crimble :)


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Dont think in large numbers hun set your self mini goals
Lose 1 stone
Get into next stone bracket
finish first month
get into size -- clothes ect ect

It will be 3 month done before you know it


I will do this!!!
cheers i think ill definatly set myself some mini goals.
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Pizzle, when I started I said I'd give it 6 weeks. Then I found this site and decided I could do this and stick till the end.

Like you at the start I thought I had a daunting task ahead of me but come Monday I will have been on LT 16 weeks and have no intention of giving up now. I'm not fussed by food and find this the easiest diet I've ever done.

I was about 5 weeks in before I wrote down 22 mini goals linked around losing stones, getting into the next stone down, BMI categories and halfway. The mini goals make you feel you are making quicker progress. I have achieved 12 of mine, the last being to make 5 stone loss in total and am aiming for the next one. Once I get there I only have a couple of pound to go before my next one, which is to no longer be obese (BMI less than 30) It really does help.

I have the prospect of at least another 3 months on LT but that doesn't worry me. I can cope being on LT for my birthday, wedding anniversary and OH's birthday if it means I am getting closer to my goal.

Set yourself lots of mini, easily achieveable goals and mark off when you achieve them. Work for the next goal then decide if you want to go for the next one. I'm pretty sure you will once you get through the first few.

Good luck.



Says it as it is!!!
C: 8st11lb G: 8st11lb
lots of presses too!!!!


I will do this!!!
Thanks :)
Know the feeling chick.

I'm only on day 5 and soooo want food!!

I'm not hungry, I just want the food - but that's why I'm big, hey!!

I'm thinking a week at a time and that's the only way I can do it!!

Good luck x


Love God; Love People
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i have so far lost 108lbs and that isnt including whatever i lose on weigh in tomorrow and i have been on the diet for exactly 5 months today....
Wowee Nicki26: 5 months - you are 'determination' personified! Very well done to you!

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