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A week of Simply Filling

Hi guys!

I've been on ww since june and I've lost 36lbs. PP is working great for me but I've decided to be brave and mix it up a bit. I'm going to try SF this week.

So I'm using this space to document my meal plans and hopefully you lot'll take a look and let me know if I'm going wrong.

Starting the day with a couple of poached eggs, some bacon medallions and baked beans (when I can be bothered to get out of bed!).

Anj x
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Ok, so breakfast was great and filled me right up. So much so that all I'm having for lunch right now is fruit and total 0% greek yogurt. But please, can someone tell me..... Is this stuff meant to be pretty grim tasting? Its more like cottage cheese taste.... Should I be using sweetner? There was a blue and a pink tub, I couldn't work out the difference so I went for pink. Thinking I maybe should have gone blue.......
Hey ladies. :)

Well, I have to say I have enjoyed my first simply filling day today and I certainly have been full (but not uncomfortably so).

For dinner I made a stew. It had 6pp in it total, and I had just over a quarter so I'm going to count 2pp for that.

I had a splash of semi skimmed milk in my tea this morning as I didnt have any skimmed milk in so gonna count 1pp for that.

I also had a crumpet with a little flora light on it as a snack so 1pp for that.

Total: 4/49

I might have a hot choccie later. Not sure yet but something sweet might be nice.

Oh and ive drunk about 1.5l so far today. 3 fruit portions and probably 3 or 4 veg portions in my stew.
Extra lean beef. Lots of it. I need to remember my protein this week or else I'll go back to being a carb monster!
Day two gone well. I'm not hungry at all and not snacking either.

B - 2 crumpets (0), margerine (1), marmite (0)

L - half portion stew (1), veggies (0), grapes (0)

D - veggies fajitas (1), ww wraps (0), sour cream & guacamole (3)

Total - 5

Weekly total - 10/49
Ive still to have fajita wraps on s/f...will defo put them on next weeks shopping list x
They arent bad actually. A little small but taste better then most ww bread products.

Loving SF so much! I dont know of its a subconscious thing or what but I havent been snacking at all. And the only sweet thing I've had since friday its 1 animal biscuit, for one pp. So impressed. :)
yesterday looked like this

B - 2 crumpets (0), lf spread (1), 2 bacon medallions (0)

L - ham (0), 2 eggs (0), salad (0), grapes (0)

D - gammon (0), pineapple (0), jacket (0), beans (0)

Snack - 2 animal biscuits (2)

Total: 3pp used
13/49 weeklies
Today ive had 4 bacon medallions (0), beans (0)

For lunch im having chicken (0), veggies (0) and fruit (0)

For dinner im having wholewheat pasta (0) and meatballs made with lean pork mince (0) and homemade sauce (0)

So thats no pp today unless I have some choccie later. Or unless I decide to use some beer points. ;)
Ooops. 1pp used for some salad cream and 4pp spent on beer. Not bad though.

Whats that? 18 or 19pp used. Must check.

Tomorrow is going to be tonights leftovers for lunch and a chicken curry or a chilli for dinner. Not sure start I have left for breakfast. one crumpet maybe some eggs or beans.

Love it. Just hope I lose. scales aren't playing nice but if I sts I might use sf for maintaining so I'm glad I'm doing it anyway.
I think i've made a serious boo boo.
For some reason I honestly believed that baked beans were free on the SF plan, but they really arent, are they. :(
I need to add at least 15pp onto total now. So I will say im on 40/49

How utterly rediculous.

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